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    Chapter 20 – Bringing Angie Home

    Tina: Yes, provided we have some of the food prep done. I want to do a spaghetti casserole for Thursday night so the meal won’t be so time consuming for Mary and Margaret. I want to do a meat loaf for tonight. We haven’t had that in a while. Maybe some roasted chicken for Monday, and we can have some your chicken tetrazzini which is already in the freezer and some pork tenderloin for Wednesday. I just have to make sure there are plenty of white raisins in the house. And I need to work with Mary on getting the foods we need to feed us for next week before Thanksgiving. We need to start the menus for that so we have time to spend with Angie and Suzanne.

    Bette: We need to do something special with the family next week. I bet this is the first time that Suzanne has been to California. So, we want to do something that she and Angie would enjoy.

    Tina: I think Daniel has school on Monday and Tuesday. Are we going to ask the Wilkins over for Thanksgiving dinner?

    Bette: If we do, it will put our crowd at 29 and 30 if Marilyn comes. Why don’t we invite them for our Christmas gathering instead? That puts our crowd at 25. And maybe we can seat Jason, Lillabette, Dana and Allyson in the breakfast room and give us a little room at the dining table.

    Tina: I think that’s a good idea. Or we can have a dinner just for with Wilkins sometime during the holidays.

    Bette: Well, I want them to meet Shane and Bobbie. If John David should go with us but leaves when the others do, I want them to meet the adults who will be accompanying him home. I want them to know that there are responsible adults with him will make sure that he is safe. I would introduce them to Alice and Lynn as the responsible people as well, but I think they will have their hands full with Dana and Allyson.

    Tina: Let’s go get started on that breakfast.

    They went down and started the coffee immediately. They then started the bacon and mix the pancake mix and started the egg casserole. The Preston family was first to get up. Tina was glad that she had gotten up a little early. James and Lisa helped themselves to some coffee and tea while Tina offered the kids some mix fruit to start their breakfast.

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