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    Chapter 20 – Bringing Angie Home

    Tina: Your breakfast will be ready in about 15 minutes. So how did you sleep?

    Lisa: Oh, I slept wonderfully. That bed is really comfortable and evidently the kids were really comfortable too. They fell asleep during their movie. So, all we had to do was turn it off, and tuck them in and they were out for the night. It is the perfect little guest house. And dinner was so good last night.

    Tina: Well, you are just barely showing. Right now, I bet you could almost fall asleep anywhere and not have very many aches and pains the next day.

    Lisa: Yes, I know. When I get a little bigger, that is when my back aches no matter where I sleep.

    Tina: Would you like some juice? We have orange, some cranberry-peach and milk if you would like.

    Lisa: I think I’d like a little decaf tea if you have it. I miss having coffee in the morning. Oh, and Bette, thank you for what you are doing for James and our family. I don’t think I have ever seen him so happy. Even when I told him that we were pregnant the first time, James wasn’t this happy.

    Bette: That’s because he knows more about what he’s doing in the gallery. At least more than what he was going to be faced with in being a father. He’s not happier… he just more confident in what he’s facing.

    Lisa: Well, it means a lot to the security of our family.

    Bette: His success is pretty much now in his hands. There will be no one to tell him no. Now, you need to watch him and not allow him to let the gallery become his other spouse. It got me in trouble early in my married life and family life. I think that James is a little smarter than I am though. But the key is for you to make sure he stays involved with his family. And the key to that is to hire people who can do the job without constant supervision and second guessing. Take it from me, you are only as successful as the people you hire. Hire well, and your life will get easier.

    James: Obviously, you hired me and you hired Paris.

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