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    Chapter 21 (Final Chapter)

    Bette makes her way out to the foyer and soon spots the others standing by the bar. They all smile at her as she approaches.

    (Alice) So what did you think?

    Bette raises her eyebrows and smiles.

    (Bette) She was amazing

    Alice smiles and nods as she hands Bette a glass of wine.

    (Alice) Yup

    (Helena smiles) As impressive as always

    (Alice) But particularly good tonight

    She looks to Bette.

    (Alice) Right?

    Bette looks to her.

    (Bette) She was incredible Al, but I don’t really have a comparison. I haven’t really seen her do any public speaking before

    They all look at her with raised eyebrows.

    (Alice) Oh, right, yeah I guess you wouldn’t have. Sorry, I kind of forget that

    She looks around the group and raises her eyebrows.

    (Alice) I mean we’ve seen her do a lot of public speaking over the years. Panel discussions, Q&As, presenting awards, receiving awards…

    (Shane) Al

    Alice looks to Shane, and then back to Bette.

    (Alice) Sorry

    Bette glances between them.

    (Bette) It’s fine. I’ve missed a lot, I know that

    Later that evening, Bette and Tina arrive back to Tina’s house and pull into the driveway. They exit the car and both reach for the other’s hand as they walk together towards the house.

    (Tina) And can you remind me to speak to Alice about her line of questioning?

    She frowns and shakes her head.

    (Tina) What the fuck was she on about? Why was every question so heavily focused on sex?

    Bette smiles.

    (Tina) I’m glad they cut her off, I think she was just getting going

    Bette doesn’t respond and Tina watches her as they continue making their way towards the door.

    (Tina) Are you OK?

    Bette looks over at her.

    (Bette) Of course

    They reach the front door and Tina steps towards her, placing her hands on Bette’s waist and examining her for a moment.

    (Tina) You’re quiet. And passing up an opportunity to berate Alice. I think that means something’s on your mind

    Tina reaches towards her and runs her thumb over her forehead.

    (Tina) Maybe one of those times you could tell me what you’re thinking?

    Bette smiles as she takes her in for a moment, and takes a breath before speaking.


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