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    Chapter 22 – Meet the Interior Designer

    Bette:  Fair enough.  But nothing short of death is going to keep us from closing on this house next week.

    Tina:  Thank you Vivian. Do we have an appointed time for closing?

    Vivian:  I’ll check my office and send you an email with the instructions. You will need to transfer the funds to the attorney’s escrow on Monday. They will email you a closing summary statement for you to review before you get to closing. If there are any question or problems, hopefully you can get them corrected before closing.

    Bette:  It shall be done! Thanks Vivian.

    Tina: We will see you at closing.  Thanks Vivian.

    Tina and Bette went into the house. This was Tina’s first visit since the furniture had been removed. She noticed the wall had marks and nail holes where furnishings had been. They set the chair up and then took their lap tops to the kitchen counter.  Tina inspected the appliances. They were in need of cleaning. Tina concluded that everything was in need of cleaning before they moved in. She and Bette started immediately started to talk about colors and styles of furniture. They then heard a knock on the front door.

    Bette:  Good morning, I’m Bette Kennard Porter and this is Tina Kennard Porter. Welcome to your potential project!

    Jim Laney:  Good morning. I’m Jim Laney from The Design Company. Call me Jim. Nice to meet you Bette and Tina.  What a lovely home… this is magnificent. Now, what can I do for you?

    Tina: This is going to be a two-part job.  We are in the process of moving from New York here to Santa Monica. And we have yet to close on this house, but that should be accomplished next week. So, what we need you for is to help us with the selection of colors for each room, get the place painted inside and out and then get the place cleaned up and ready to move in our existing furniture. Then we will need assistance in getting proper drapes and window coverings, rugs, fabrics for bedcovers and other fabrics. Once our furniture is in, then we will need additional furniture to fill up this home to fit our needs.

    Bette:  And we are going to need furnishings for almost all of our outdoor spaces.

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