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    Chapter 22 – Thanksgiving Week

    Bette: That was sweet of you. Oh, this coffee is so good. And I love the French Toast and bacon.

    Tina:  Mary is going to look after Angie and Suzanne for the morning. Did they select dresses yesterday morning?

    Bette: I don’t know.  They didn’t show or tell me anything.

    Tina: That’s okay. I put Mary in charge. They should either have purchased or selected a dress by dinner tonight. Mary said she would pay for it.

    Bette:  Okay. This is good sweetie. Have we eaten here before?

    Tina:  Yes, we had Chinese here after the fund raiser for UCLA art department.

    Bette:  Oh yeah, that’s right. That was the night you wore me out dancing.

    Tina:  We wore each other out dancing.  Not as young as we once were.

    Bette: So, what are the plans for the day?

    Tina:  Well, I’m going to spend a little time this morning with the woman I love.

    Bette:  Really and what’s this all about?

    Tina:  Bette, you devote your life to me and to your family. And I love that you do that. But at some point, we need to devote time and care to you too. And I thought I would provide you with a little tender loving care this morning. I want you to know, how much you mean to me. And it’s not something that can be simply described in words. There needs to be actions taken to show how much I adore you.

    Bette:  T… I have no doubt that you love me. And even less doubt that I know I love you. You are my soul and my conscious, my sounding board and my very best friend. And what a lover you are…. When I dream, I dream of you. And you have been very attentive to me for as long as I can remember. I am flattered that you are taking this time to be with me. But I don’t understand why you felt the need?

    Tina: I do not feel the need… I feel the desire. I want to show you how much you mean to me… not just in times of crisis, or of confusion, or of celebration and happiness. But in the ordinary times, the run of mill times when things are just what they are. You complete my life and I want you to know that. And I want to be sure that I complete yours. So, I want to take some time to say thank you for being who you are. Thank you for taking care of me and of our family. Thank you for hanging in there with me even when it may not have been easy.


    1. Great solution for helping Suzanne. I also like the various positive ways for her to repay the loan. Maybe 10 years down the road as she repays the loan it gets distributed again. When she has paid it off they can tell her the truth and they all can create an on going scholarship for deserving Yalie with B & T millions!!!!

      So, get writing those 10+ years.

      Thanks, I love your work!

    2. You do realize that Suzanne’s solution originated with the investigation of Melvin Porter? Its one of the things that I admire about Bette. She absorbs the nuggets of wisdom which appear from various sources. I do like the fact that Bette and Tina want to help Suzanne but do not want Suzanne to be aware of where this help is coming from. And with this solution, neither Angie nor Suzanne will be in a position of being obligated to the other. If for some reason, their friendship sours, Suzanne will keep her support. And if anything should happen that Bette and Tina do not survive until Suzanne finishes her education, the money will still be there to assist her.

      I like Suzanne as a friend for Angie… I like that she has red hair and is studious like Angie and perhaps a little more so. Do not look for any romance ever between Angie and Suzanne… that is just not in the cards and it would be a disaster for both of them.

      Thank you for reading and commenting… I appreciate you pointing out Suzanne’s solution.

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