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    Chapter 23 – Saturday – Bette and Angie’s Time Together

    Bette:  Okay, but I am watching you sweetheart. If you need to rest, you will get some rest.

    Tina:  Don’t worry. I will.

    Bette: (in Bette’s most southern accent possible) Well, I’m going to have a word with Lieutenant Dan to make sure you behave.

    Tina laughed a big belly laugh and then kissed Bette and assured her she would be fine and would not do anything which may cause her some problems. They would have dinner delivered – maybe some chicken parmesan with some steamed vegetables. But she still had a craving for salads.

    Bette:  Take it easy with that.  Best start your grocery list for tomorrow. Angie will help you with that. You know the store have those electric scooters for those who cannot do a lot of walking.  You might consider that.  Remember Mary will be here on Wednesday.

    They dressed and went downstairs.  Angie was in the kitchen ready to assist Tina with breakfast.  Tina decided that today would be pancake day. Angie would handle most of it while Tina gave her instructions. Angie was thrilled.  This was her favorite breakfast.  Tina decided that they would have a half cup of blue berries each and some sausage patties.  She believed that Bette would not want her to eat pork sausage so she used the turkey pork blended sausage. So, she and Angie started the sausage and began to mix the batter while it was cooking.

    Bette worked on getting the laundry going.  Daniel came in and brought in some and promised to do some later to get things caught up. He and Angie had doubled their dirty laundry as a result of the golf lessons and two showers per day. Angie had brought down her own along with her sheets. She would make the bed when she went up to pack her overnight bag.

    Bette then set the table and put glasses of water and juice at every place. Today was a mix of cranberry and peach juice. Angie brought two plates of pancakes to the table and sat them in front of Daniel and Bette. She then asked her mom to go sit and she would bring their plates in just a moment.  Tina went and prepared her coffee and drank some water.  Angie made sure the stove was off and brought the last two plates out to the table.


    1. I didn’t watch season 1 or 2 of Gen Q. Or even had any interest – being a faithful Tibette addict – until your version came out. That being said, I love your work and agree with most of the comments above. Having stooped to watch a few Gen Q episodes, your story can go on from your strong base with the original set of characters! No matter whether there is a season 4 or not. Your material is better by far!

      I do have 1 comment on a missed opportunity to “tie” Gen Q back to the original. Both you and the show missed the “copy” or “repeat” of Bette and Tina trapped in a small space with no escape – freezer at the wedding-Gen Q vs elevator when going to therapy session with Foxworthy-in original.


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