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    Chapter 23 – Saturday – Bette and Angie’s Time Together

    Tina:  Oh, God, just fuck me. I need you now inside…. Please.

    Bette granted her wish and put two fingers insider her wet and ready honey pot. She began to thrust slowly to stretch things out.

    Tina:  More Babe, harder, faster. I want to cum…. Please.

    Bette obeyed her wish and began to thrust deep and quick and harder hitting her clit with ever instroke. She drew back to look at Tina’s expression and the orgasm hit her just as their eyes met. Tina’s eyes roll back in her head and her lids closed as she screamed Bette’s name. Bette then slowed and kept stroking to stretch the climax out. Tina was then in danger of collapsing on the floor but Bette held her up and stayed in place for a couple of minutes. Tina took a good five minutes to get her breathing down to a normal rhythm. Bette then moved her under the water and kiss her and turned her around so that she was facing her backside.

    Tina:  I may have to have a nap after this shower. That was really wonderful… I hadn’t expected it to be so overwhelming.

    Bette:  Well, if you need a nap, sweetheart, you need to take one. I can go and prepare breakfast. Then I need to pack my overnight bag.

    Tina:  No, no… I need to go down to breakfast with you guys. I can take a nap later after I get things situated with Daniel.  I feel like I haven’t spent as much time with him as I should.

    Bette:  Well, I can delay going with Angie until this afternoon if you need to rest.  She can go get her hair cut by herself and come home and have lunch with us?

    Tina:  No, I want you two to have a leisurely afternoon and evening together. She had four days with me. She needs and wants some time with you.

    Bette:  I want time with her as well, but your well-being takes priority at the moment.  I can call Paris and see if they can come and stay with you and Daniel so that you can get some rest and you will have a driver if you need to go somewhere.

    Tina:  No honey, we are going to be fine. I’m okay now.  I just had a fantastic orgasm. I am okay now except maybe I have a silly ass grin on my face which is mirrored on your face as well.  Let’s just go get some breakfast.  And you get to carry the dirty laundry downstairs.


    1. I didn’t watch season 1 or 2 of Gen Q. Or even had any interest – being a faithful Tibette addict – until your version came out. That being said, I love your work and agree with most of the comments above. Having stooped to watch a few Gen Q episodes, your story can go on from your strong base with the original set of characters! No matter whether there is a season 4 or not. Your material is better by far!

      I do have 1 comment on a missed opportunity to “tie” Gen Q back to the original. Both you and the show missed the “copy” or “repeat” of Bette and Tina trapped in a small space with no escape – freezer at the wedding-Gen Q vs elevator when going to therapy session with Foxworthy-in original.


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