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    Chapter 3 – Lets Make a Deal

    Bette:  Didn’t we exercise last night?

    Tina:  Yes, but I need to do some more.  And I want you to go with me.  Now if you really don’t want to. I’ll go without you.

    Bette:  Well, I’m dressed now. So, you are not going to leave me here sitting on the edge of the bed?

    Tina kissed Bette again and picked up the basket of dirty clothes and indicated to Bette to follow.

    After putting the basket in the laundry room, Tina turned on the coffee pot of make while they were out. She then grabbed Bette’s hand and led her out the door.  They then proceeded to do some stretches and proceed side by side down the beach in a rather brisk run. They returned to the house in an hour and a half.

    Tina talked Bette into having breakfast before they had their shower and dressed for the day.  Bette took Angie into the laundry room and gave her instructions on the laundry and got a load started. She told Angie that they would be out for the day and she would need to keep an eye on Daniel. If they went for a walk on the beach, she should lock it up and take the keys and her cell phone.  Bette gave her money to order delivery for lunch or something from the menu’s located a kitchen drawer.  She told Angie that they planned to be home for dinner but should plans change, she gave her some more money to order dinner for her and Daniel. Bette then told Angie that she could not indulge in alcoholic beverages while she was responsible for Daniel. Angie seemed fine with the arrangements particularly when Bette told her that they were going car shopping.

    Bette had received the information from Shane on the insurance agent and had emailed car descriptions, and driver profiles to the agent to get a quote on the insurance. She had received a phone call from the agent and made arrangements for a bank transfer to insurance company to be placed in escrow. Bette explained that they would be purchasing at least two vehicles in the very near future and possibly three and they wanted to be compliant with the law immediately. The agent told Bette that they would notify whatever dealership was appropriate that insurance was in place so they could take delivery. Bette had taken care of this before Tina and Angie completed the breakfast.


    1. Collins,
      Isn’t that the way life is? Lots of things going on which requires multi-tasking? My Bette and Tina are on the same page… they have been working at it for more than 20 years. They know what irritates and what soothes the other. They know they have responsibilities for their children. And most of all, they love their choices they have made in life – each other as partners, their professions, and their role as parents. This is a summer of change for these two. New professions, new home and a some what different family structure. The transition from their New York life to a life in California is full and getting Angie ready for Yale is thrown into the mix. Time is limited and what needs to be accomplished is much. And these two women will get it done…

      Thank you for reading.

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