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    Chapter 3 – Lets Make a Deal

    Breakfast was served. The family sat at the dining room enjoying their French Toast, bacon, strawberries, coffee and milk. This was Daniel’s favorite breakfast.  Angie preferred pancakes. Angie had assisted in the breakfast prep and decided that French toast and bacon was a fairly simple breakfast to make.

    Angie and Daniel cleaned up the kitchen after breakfast while Bette and Tina went for their morning shower and grooming routine. Soon they were back down with their morning run clothes and towels to add to the laundry duties for Angie. They then told the kids to behave and made sure they had everything they needed for the day.  They would call them around noon and again in the afternoon. They kissed them both and reminded them to be safe and call if there was a problem. Bette and Tina left for their errands somewhat excited about what they were about to do.

    It took an hour to reach the first dealership.  The salesman got the keys and showed Bette and Tina a Ford Fusion 2018 model in a ruby red metallic with 18,250 miles on it.  The dealer was asking $13,500. The car was clean with no apparent flaws on the exterior body. The interior was in a dark charcoal gray and was a non-key operation. It had back-up camera, blue-tooth ready, a large trunk and good size back seat. Tina loved the color and was impressed with its appearance.

    Tina:  This is a nice car.  I think either one of us will be very happy with this car if it functions as advertised.

    Bette checked the car history report vin number to the vin number on the car and was satisfied it was the same car. Bette asked for a test drive around the block, and the salesman agreed. Tina drove first.  She liked the way it handled and its acceleration was good for freeway traffic.

    Bette:  Well, if Tina likes it, then we would like to purchase this car.

    The salesman was grinning from ear to ear. He then began to talk about financing.  Bette cut him off

    Bette:  What kind of deal can you give me for a cash deal?  I can have my bank transfer the money to the dealership account today.


    1. Collins,
      Isn’t that the way life is? Lots of things going on which requires multi-tasking? My Bette and Tina are on the same page… they have been working at it for more than 20 years. They know what irritates and what soothes the other. They know they have responsibilities for their children. And most of all, they love their choices they have made in life – each other as partners, their professions, and their role as parents. This is a summer of change for these two. New professions, new home and a some what different family structure. The transition from their New York life to a life in California is full and getting Angie ready for Yale is thrown into the mix. Time is limited and what needs to be accomplished is much. And these two women will get it done…

      Thank you for reading.

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