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    Chapter 3 – The Gift

    “Don’t push it. Oh Bella just got here! Im going to go meet her at the entrance. I’ll be back to get dressed!”

    “Angie DO NOT be long!” Tina called.

    “Send us that photo before you post it please!” Bette grinned at Tina before continuing, “You know you look so much alike when you both roll your eyes at me.”

    Tina tilted her head as Bette pulled her closer. The blonde wrapped her arms around Bette’s waist and rested her head on her shoulder.

    Bette sighed, “Do you know how much I love you?”

    “Maybe.” Tina playfully answered as she leaned back to look at Bette. She brought her hands up to her bride’s face and moved a few brown curls away from her mouth. “Kiss me.”

    Bette happily obliged and kissed Tina long and tenderly.

    Tina continued with a flutter of mixing little pecs and open-mouthed kisses along Bette’s neck. “Baby…”

    “Mmmhmmm,” Bette could only moan as she swayed silently with Tina in her arms, her chin resting atop Tina’s silky hair.

    “Did Alice forget the alcohol?”

    Bette’s eyes popped open. Before she could answer Tina had stepped back, glaring into those brown eyes for a response.

    “Everything is taken care of T.” Bette didn’t want to lie but also didn’t want to rile Tina.

    Tina nodded, “So she did forget!”

    Bette smiled and pulled her very-soon-to-be-wife against her again, dancing to a silent song. She wanted to enjoy these last quiet moments of alone time. Bette buried her face in Tina’s neck inhaling the sweet scent of honey mixed with citrus. She slowly untucked Tina’s blouse, letting her hands graze over the soft skin, her fingertips circling the already stiffened nipples that were stretching the lace of Tina’s bra. Tina pressed herself harder against Bette, dropping her hands over her ass, pushing their bodies impossibly closer. Their lips found each other again kissing passionately, consuming each of the other’s available breaths until Tina rested her head against Bette’s to slow things down. Bette gently kissed Tina’s soft lips once more then pulled away, kissing each of Tina’s hands while watching the adorable dimples form across her bride’s smiling face.

    “Cmon, let’s take a walk so you can check on things.”

    “Really? You don’t mind, babe?”

    “No. I want you to have everything you want just the way you want it today.”

    “Well in that case, you should be naked, letting me taste you.” Tina bit her lip sidling up to Bette.

    She let her fingers rake over Bette’s thigh until her hand stroked between Bette’s legs.“Later for sure, baby,” Tina suggestively licked Bette’s neck. ”Do you know how much i love you?”

    “Maybe.” Bette seductively replied as she led Tina outside and toward the venue.


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