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    Chapter 31 – Off to New York

    Ten Years After – Volume 2 – The Move

    Chapter 31 – Off to New York

    The sun was well up when Bette and Tina stirred from their slumber. Bette went to the potty while Tina stripped the bed. They both decided that a shower was not necessary since they had one before they went to bed and would have another just before leaving for the plane. Bette went to retrieve fresh linens for the bed and remake it.

    Bette:  Let’s get Mom’s sheets and laundry as well. I hope she’s up.

    Tina:  Normally she is an early riser. She may have taken her morning swim if she is feeling up to it.

    Bette: Well, let’s get moving. I’ll take these down and get the laundry started and then I’ll come back and get Mom’s bed and laundry.

    As Bette and Tina came down stairs, they saw Mary in the kitchen beginning to start the breakfast for the family.

    Mary: Good morning girls. Have a good sleep?

    Tina:  Sure did. How are you doing this morning?

    Mary:  Oh, I’m fine now.  I think I must have gotten a little sea sick. I was feeling a little nauseous and then I was so sleepy. I slept through the night, got up this morning and had a swim and I’ve had my shower and I thought I would start the breakfast.

    Tina: You think that is what it was – just starring at the rough sea with a full stomach?

    Mary:  Yes. I don’t remember feeling like that before. But I felt fine by the time I got to my room last night. Slept like a baby. So, what are we having for breakfast?

    Tina:  Eggs, sausage patties, grits, some fruit and some English muffins.

    Mary:  Grits?  What are grits?

    Tina:  It’s a southern dish made from corn. It’s like cream of wheat with a little more texture. I eat them with butter and pepper.  But some people eat them with sugar and cream on them.  Angie loves them and I promised the kids grits today. I also like to crumble up my sausage and put it in the grits. You can also add some cheese bits. It’s just another carbohydrate to go with your breakfast.  I substitute it for the potatoes.

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