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    The Conversion

    The Conversion

    Chapter 1 – Welcome to the White House

    My name is Tina Kennard. I sit here in my 85th year of my life. The year is 2065.  Four months ago, I lost the love of my life… my sweet Elizabeth Maxine Porter… she was just shy of her 90th birthday. I am sure that I am not long for this world and that the time for me to join my beloved wife will come shortly.  But before that time comes, I feel that I should sit and put our story to pen and paper.  

    It was in 2025 when we met. I was a writer and had published several books on historical   characters.  I had recently completed a biography of Jimmy Carter.  Joe Biden was President at the time.  He contacted me in early January of 2025 and asked if I could come for a visit to the White House as a guest of his and his wife Dr. Jill Biden.  He wanted to discuss the potential of having me write his life story. Unknown to me he also invited another author to come for the same weekend. The other author was Elizabeth Maxine Porter who had written several books on the Civil Rights Movement, administration of Ronald Regan, and a biography on Barbara Bush. Needless to say, when the President ask you to visit, you do not say no. And neither did Bette Porter.

    Arrangements were made for us to arrive on a Thursday evening during the first week in February. I was living in Austin, Texas and arrangements were made by the White House to fly into Regan-National Airport. A car would meet me and take me to the White House.  Several weeks prior to the trip, I had to submit copies of information which had been requested: my passport, my driver’s license, and birth information (date, place, parents). I presume that this was for security purposes as all White House visitors are screened prior to being allowed a visit within the offices or residence of the White House.

    The winter had been rather severe prior to my arrival in Washington.  The evening I arrived, I was escorted to the private residence by a private secretary and a secret service agent. My luggage was to be handled by stewards and was probably x-rayed and searched prior to my arrival in my guest room. I was escorted to a small reception room which well as I remember was near the Green Room. That is where I met Bette Porter.

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    1. Jeez!?,
      I’ve only read the first paragraph and am welling up….how do you do that?
      I can’t think of a time when they are not together.
      I’ll continue reading now, tough beginning though
      I’ll comment on the flip side

      Thankyou for all your incredible stories Martha…your a f@@king Rockstar

    2. Well, what a story, I really enjoyed it.
      I love how they meet, their time at Camp David and the natural progression they took together.
      Try really are perfect for each other and your story certainly reflects that.

      I still can’t bear to think of them not being together!
      Thank you so much, a beautiful story.
      I look forward to the next one.

      • Janice24,

        First of all this story is an alternative time and life for our Bette and Tina. The story is being told by a woman who is older (85 years old) and has experienced a full and joyful life with the woman she loved. They have had more than 40 years together even though they didn’t meet until they were middled aged. I like that they took the time to get to know one another for a few days before charging into a romantic relationship. I like that Bette insist that Tina think about her own life and if she is prepared for the changes which will occur as they start to see each other romantically. Bette wants Tina to make her decision about her life knowing the possible downside. For me, that shows immediately how much Bette respects and cares for Tina right out of starting gates. I also like that Bette insist they talk about things fully as they go. She seeks out Tina’s boundaries and comfort level before they do anything. This is why their relationship is so strong…. they hide nothing from each other.

        From the idea to publication, I took 4 days… I enjoyed writing this story because I could see that both Bette and Tina would go from a mundane life to a life of love and devotion within a matter of weeks. And it would result in a lifetime of happiness. Isn’t that what we all want in our lives?

        Thank for reading and for commenting on this story… until I saw your comments, I didn’t think anyone had read it…. Thank you for your support and encouragement…

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