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    Chapter 37 – Daniel’s Weekend    

    Bette ordered water all around and then the lemonade. She then ordered the appetizers and the food.

    The wait staff was prompt and were glad to accommodate John David’s request. The food was good. The atmosphere was relaxing. And the boys seemed to be right at home. Bette could tell that Daniel was tried and that he was not going to have to be convinced that he should go and get a shower and go to bed.

    Bette asked Tina to call Barbara and tell her that we were just about finished with our dinner and heading out of the park. We would be at her house around 8:15 or so. She assured Barbara that the day had been great and John David was a perfect guide and gentlemen all day. Bette and Tina made their way to the tram which carried them to the parking area where they left the car. Bette opened the trunk so that John David and Daniel could put their bags with their souvenirs and then waited for everyone to get situated and started home. It wasn’t long before both were asleep in the back seat.

    Bette pulled up in the driveway and released the trunk and got out John David’s overnight case. She handed him the larger bag of goodies and handed Tina the smaller one. Daniel had gotten out to say goodnight to John David. Bette walked the boy carrying his luggage and handed it to Barbara.

    Bette: He fell asleep in the car on the way over here. I appreciate you allowing him to spend the day with us.  He’s a wonderful young man.

    Barbara:  I appreciate you inviting him and taking care of him for the day. And I am so glad to know you and Tina and Daniel. We will do something with Daniel at some point in the future and return the favor. Thank you.

    Bette:  We will talk later in the week. I have a sleepy boy of my own to get home.  You have a good evening.

    Barbara waved at Tina and went back into the house with her arm around John David.

    Everyone got back into the car for another 30 minutes or so back to Redondo Beach.

    Tina directed Daniel to go upstairs and take a quick shower and go to bed. He was tired and he needed the sleep. Daniel didn’t argue. He hugged both his moms and sleepily said thank you for this adventure today and up the stairs he went with his souvenir bag in hand.

    Bette:  Do you want to go on to the room or would you like to join me in a glass of wine before we retire?

    Tina: I’m pretty tired myself.  I’m going to take a shower and call it a day.

    Bette: Then I will join you then. We did a lot of walking today. But I must say, I enjoyed our little outing much more than I thought I would. Those people know how to entertain don’t they?

    Tina: They invented the theme park. And now I can see why people can go for two or three days in a row. There is just more to do and see than you can possibly see in one day.

    Bette: Yeah, how was your fish?

    Tina:  It was wonderful. Nice roasted vegetables and a nice rice as well.

    Bette:  It was excellent Jambalaya. And that lemonade? I really liked that. Mixed drink without the alcohol.

    Tina:  Come on… let’s get upstairs too.

    They both walked up the stair hand in hand and entered their room and closed the door. Tina went in and started the shower and both took a very quick shower. Within a few minutes, they were crawling in the bed.

    Bette: My feet feel like they are size of snow shoes. I hope they not the size of snow shoes or I won’t be able to wear my heels tomorrow.  And tomorrow, both my classes just got extended a half an hour. I best keep that in mind when I dress.

    Tina: So, you don’t have to go in on Friday?

    Bette: Nope…. But I still have to get Daniel to and from school. I’ll think about that tomorrow. I enjoyed today my sweet. It was a lovely day.

    Tina:  Yeah, me too. I love you, Bette. Kiss me and let’s go to sleep.

    Bette:  I love you more.

    Bette kissed her wife lovingly and rolled back on her pillow. She then closed her eyes and relaxed and was asleep.  Tina smiled and then relaxed and was asleep as well.

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