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    Chapter 4

    Chapter 4

    Saturday night, Tina’s birthday party. Alice has hired out a room in a trendy bar and the crowd fills the space, mingling as they sip their drinks and enjoy the canapes being served. A dance floor and DJ are set up to one side of the bar.

    Tina has been keeping close to her friends throughout the night, but gets caught up in various confusing conversations on the way back from the bar. She finally makes her way through the crowd and approaches Alice and hands her a drink. They stand alongside each other and look around the room.

    (Tina) How many of my exes are at this party?

    Alice glances over at her and then again takes in the crowd.

    (Alice) I don’t know, a few. Have you encountered some?

    (Tina) Yes, a couple. Maybe we should have excluded them from the invite list as well

    (Alice smiles) Well it’s not a queer party without a few exes floating around

    (Tina sighs) Yes, but usually you’re aware of who they are

    Alice smiles and they both continue to watch the room.

    (Tina) I sort of thought I’d know more people

    She turns to Alice.

    (Tina) What about Kit? Bette said we’re friendly, is she coming?

    (Alice) She would but she’s out of town. She’s been doing some performances recently and travels a bit with that

    Helena approaches them and taps Alice on the shoulder.

    (Alice) Hey!

    Helena kisses her on the cheek and Alice pulls her in for a hug.

    (Helena smiles) Good to see you too Alice

    Alice leans back and looks to Tina.

    (Alice) Another ex-girlfriend to throw in the mix sorry TK, this is Helena

    Helena smiles at Tina and extends her hand.

    (Helena) Hello Tina, nice to meet you seems like a strange thing to say but I think that’s probably appropriate for you?

    Tina smiles at her and shakes her hand.

    (Tina) You’ve been filled in then?

    (Helena nods) Yes, Alice clued me in. Bloody alternative therapies, dangerous business

    Tina smiles.

    (Helena) And don’t mind Alice’s teasing about being an ex-girlfriend, we’re friends more than that now

    Helena smiles at her.

    (Helena) Good friends

    (Tina smiles) Thanks Helena

    Alice looks past them.

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    1. Omg – can you imagine what that’s like for tina . She doesn’t know what has happened in the last 15 years of their life . The miscarriage , the carpenter, the Jodi , the Henry , the everything . Even the amazing times . Must but heart breaking for both of them . My heart my poor heart just thinking about it . Tina only sees Bette the way she saw her in 2002. Must be so weird thinking that she has a kid as well .

    2. This is so hard on Bette and Tina but i really hope when Tina comes out of this Monday she will remember these past week, remember how happy and in love she is with Bette, then and now.

      Looking forward to the next chapter!

    3. Why is it that I get the feeling that when Tina finds out why she and Bette are not together, she is going to have a huge crashing of her world. Bette seems to simply be at a loss as to how to handle what is going on with Tina. She still is very attracted to Tina but Tina’s current relationship with Bette, is the one in which Bette knows will emerge when everything is put back to where it was. Bette cannot allow Tina’s seductive behavior and current state of mind be the basis for a change in their relationship. That would be abuse anyway you cut it. If there is to be a future between Bette and Tina, the both need to start with the same set of facts with regard to their history and make decisions and formulate a relationship based on that. No matter how tempting it is for Bette, she cannot yield to Tina.

      Thanks for you chapter… keep it coming.

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