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    Chapter 4- Home/ How they met

    ‘Hey’ the blonde whispered. 

    ‘Can I borrow a pen? I forgot mine’ 

    Bette heard her voice again and looked at the blonde, blinked a couple times and realized that she was Bette Porter, she wasn’t afraid. 

    ‘Sure, all that stuff and no pens huh?’ 

    The blonde looked at her desk and bag and then looked back at the brunette and grinned. 

    Bette handed her a pen and focused back on class, just as the blonde did. 

    After a couple of minutes the blonde turned back to Bette and said. 

    ‘I’m Tina btw.’ 

    ‘Tina?’ Bette said

    ‘I’m Bette.’ 

    The two shared some jokes while listening to their professor and started getting annoyed because the man kept saying ‘if you know what I mean’. 

    When class ended Bette was doubting if she needed to say something more to Tina or not, did she wanted to show that she was interested or did she live by her ‘I’m Bette-Porter rule’ that meant people had to long for her and she just settled. 

    Tina turned towards Bette and asked: ‘You on your lunch break as well?’ 

    Bette nodded, trying to see what the blonde, shorter woman’s intention was. 

    ‘You want to come back to my place? I just made soup, you can have a bowl, have some nice bread I baked this morning.’ Bette was surprised by what the blonde had been doing this morning, she rarely ate anything homemade, if she did it was because one of her friends was cooking with her. Her roommate, Kelly sometimes made something homemade, but she would leave in two months to go on an exchange year to europe. 

    ‘I’d love to Tina.’ Bette smiled and followed the blonde to her dorm. 

    On their way to Tina’s dorm, Tina talked about the small dorm she had to share with three other girls that didn’t seem to want to talk to her. Bette had told her she was older and lived off campus, which made Tina ask her how that was. Bette stayed at Tina’s dorm the rest of the day, at 11 PM she decided to leave because Alice kept calling her asking to go out. Bette had asked Tina if she wanted to join her friend group, but she had kindly declined and said she wanted to meet Bette’s friends another them, when there would be no pressure on her dancing skills. Bette had laughed when she had said that. 


    1. These two are just not right… starting a friendship when one wants more than and continuing this relationship without sex for a decade? A severe mental deficiency in both of them….

      Thanks for the chapter…

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