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    Chapter 4- Home/ How they met



    She had asked Bette to come over and spend time with her, Tina thought. Which made her take her phone and text the brunette to come over.  Bette hadn’t given her any signal back then when they had met, did she ever make a move on her, 


    12 years ago 

    It had been two days since Tina had invited Bette over for lunch. She had wanted to see the Brunette again, but had no idea how to reach her. She had been looking over campus for Bette, but had no idea where to look. Tina was in her dorm when someone knocked on her door and said there was a phone call for her, so the blonde got up and walked over to the end of the hall where the phone was. ‘Tina?’ she said 

    -Tine, hey it’s Dana, d’you want to come over? 

    -Dana, sweetheart you are my roommate, it’s hard for me to come over, she grinned

    -No, let me finish! I’m hanging out with Alice, the girl I talked to you about, and well she’s having a get together with some of her friends and we’re going to watch a movie, and she asked if I wanted to invite someone over because it would mainly be her friends and that might make me feel a little better. 

    – Fine I’ll come over, where is it? 

    -It’s outside campus, she lived in this apartment complex right in front of that new Walmart, it’s the third floor. 


    Tina got back to their dorm and stood in front of her mirror, she was looking nice, but still, the idea that she was going to meet all these new people made her doubt if maybe she should wear something different. Trying to look nice so people would actually also want to talk to her. 

    About thirty minutes later Tina arrived at the apartment complex, she had no idea what she was doing. But Dana had been very nice when she was moving into their dorm and had helped her get all of her stuff inside, because she quickly noticed that Tina was all on her own and had no family or friends with her to help. 

    She arrived at the third floor and even before her foot had really entered the apartment she was embraced by Dana. 


    1. These two are just not right… starting a friendship when one wants more than and continuing this relationship without sex for a decade? A severe mental deficiency in both of them….

      Thanks for the chapter…

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