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    Chapter 43 – I Think She Really Likes You

    “Alice? You need a throat lozenge or somethin’?” Angus asked.

    “No, I need Little Porter to move her shit so I can sit down though.” She said with a fake smile.

    Bette finally looked back up at Alice. “There are plenty of other chairs around this table, why must you pick the one directly beside me?” Bette asked.

    “God, you suck, Porter!” the frustrated band member declared. She walked around the table to sit next to Tayo and sulk. The rest of the table tried to control their giggles but were doing a sloppy job of it.

    The band placed their food orders with the young server who had waited on Tina and her street team when they came in last week. Bette passed on ordering.

    “Did you eat already, Little P?” Shane asked.

    “No, I’m gonna order in a bit, I had a big breakfast.” Bette lied. She wanted to get the meeting done as quickly as possible, but knew that Tina would arrive before the gang disbanded.

    Kit just smiled, knowing the real reason why Bette didn’t order.

    “Alright, kids, let’s talk bu’ness. Bette, you called this meeting, so wha’s the deal?” Kit asked.

    “There are a couple of things I wanted to go over with you guys. First, based on your response to yesterday’s meeting with the agent – ”

    “Dude, Jodi seems hella cool, right guys?” Carmen interrupted.

    “Definitely, I thought that was pretty cool of her to spot us a gig for next week.” Shane agreed.

    “Yep, and I know we probably have to meet with other agents, but I mean, straight out the box? That chick is down.” Angus said while the rest of them were nodding their heads.

    Bette breathed a laugh. “Okay, I get what you guys are saying. But let’s just take a step back for a minute, okay. I’ve got the gig contract here as well as the agency contract. Now before we sign anything, we need to make sure you guys are fully protected. I’m gonna ask around about entertainment lawyers who specialize in music industry contracts to take a look at these this week. I’m not trying to burst your bubble guys, but I need to be sure that you guys playing the Spaceland gig doesn’t open you up to owing either the venue or Jodi Lerner anything whatsoever. Got it?”

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