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    Chapter 43 – I Think She Really Likes You

    “Yeah, sure. You’re still the boss Bette. We trust you, it’s cool.” Angus reassured her.

    “Good. I only want the best for you guys. And you deserve the best. I just get the feeling that this will come with strings, so I’m super hesitant, okay?”

    “You just let us know when and where to sign, Baby Girl. And if it doesn’t work out, it doesn’t work out. No skin off our back, we’ll figure it out.”

    “So are you working on getting us interviews or meetings with other agencies or what?” Alice asked.

    “Well, not since yesterday. But I’ll work on that this week as well. In the meantime, you guys just keep working on new stuff, practice, and let me worry about the logistics.”

    “What about you, Little Porter?” Carmen inquired with a cheesy grin.

    “What do you mean, Carm?”

    “We heard you composing the other night, you got some new material you’re holdin’ out on us or what?” Shane noticed the deer-in-the-headlights look that befell Bette’s face so she pinched Carmen’s leg underneath the table. “Ow, baby that hurt.”

    Just then brunch was served.

    “Oh, that, I-I was just…you know, fuckin’ around…just waxin’ nostalgic after the show on Friday night. That’s all.” Bette stammered.

    “Tina was the one who noticed it. We were all so drunk we didn’t know what she was talking about when she kept trying to shush us so she could hear the music.” Alice said as she bit into her omelet.

    Alice’s acknowledgement made Bette smile again as she locked eyes with Kit who smiled back with raised eyebrows. My little sister’s got it so bad! the older Porter thought to herself, knowing that Bette only waxes nostalgic when she’s harnessed some inspiration.

    “Speaking of Tina, I think she really likes you, Little Porter.” Carmen offered. “You should give her a call. She’s a really sweet girl.”

    “Yeah, Bette. Plus, if she’s, like, super impressed with your performance, if you know what I mean, she’s more likely to offer us a really good record deal. I mean, like, really good.” Alice said with her mouthful.

    Shane just shook her head at her bandmate. “Tayo, you were wrong about that whole occupied with other activities theory,” she said, which garnered another round of chuckles at Alice’s expense.

    Just then, Bette’s iPhone signaled an incoming text message. She leaned over looking into her purse set on the seat next to her and plucked it out.

    On my way. Can’t wait to see you. xoxo T

    Bette beamed at the message before typing a reply.

    Feeling is mutual and then some. xoxo right back atcha. B

    Exiting out of the text menu, the photo of Tina was staring back at her and, if possible, her smile widened. She locked the screen and it went black. Setting the phone down in front of her on the table, Bette looked around the table and noticed each of the band members staring at her expectantly with Shane and Kit grinning like idiots.

    “What?” she asked innocently.

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