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    Chapter 42 – Girrrrrl, You Got It Baaaaad!

    Bette’s House

    Bette tossed and turned all night, suffering from major frustration of the sexual kind. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t get the thought of Tina’s legs wrapped around her, pressed against the front door, and the taste of her sensual neck out of her head. When she finally fell asleep, she woke up sweaty, horny, and unfulfilled.

    Deciding to get up because it was useless to fight it, she began her morning run before sunrise to cash in on her sudden supply of physical energy. Running nearly double the distance she typically ran, Bette finally felt her endorphin production spike.

    After her shower she worked on some new lyrics a little more and even played a few notes on the piano.

    By 9:00 am, she was ready to get out of the house. She called Kit and asked to meet her at the Planet a half hour earlier than planned. Bette wanted to tell her older sister about her wonderful first date, or first obligatory repentance meal, with the fine blonde music executive. It had been years since she felt this smitten with someone. It was exciting and yet at the same time, absolutely terrifying.



    Tina’s House

    While Bette experienced her restless night, Tina fell asleep with no problems. No doubt propelled into physical fatigue from the marathon of orgasms for one Saturday, Tina woke up bright-eyed, bushy-tailed and ready to take on the day.

    She decided to call Dana and provide a full report about her outing with the Stouts’ manager. The PR exec answered on the second ring.

    “Well, good morning, my dear. Are you an official member of the girl-on-girl team since we last spoke?”

    “Dana!” Tina blushed at her friend’s greeting. “Whatever happened to ‘hello’ as a greeting when answering the phone?” She smiled, echoing the same question Bette had posed to her just a few short hours before.

    “Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. Spill it, woman! How was your evening with Little Porter?”

    Holding the phone to her ear, a big smile on her face as she stood in the living room looking out the big bay window and twisting her body back and forth like a little kid, Tina briefly relived the moment they shared on her front porch.

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    1. I love these two types of girl talk. Tina and Dana are like teenage girls in highschool who chat about their first crush. Bette and Kit with their sisterly talk with changing dynamics. Both would have made some great scenes on TV.
      Thanks, MeLL for posting.

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