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    Chapter 5 – A Day with No Plans

    Ten Years After – Volume 2 – The Move

    Chapter 5 – A Day with No Plans

    Tina was awakened suddenly with sweat rolling down her chest.  She rolled back away from Bette and felt a wave of heat she had not experienced before. Sweat popped out on her forehead on and on her neck.  Her hair felt damp. She quickly whipped the cover off her body in hopes of getting cooler air to her very hot body. Her breathing became a somewhat labored for a few moments.

    Bette feeling moment in the bed began to awaken. She heard Tina’s unusual breathing and turn to see what was going on. Seeing the moisture glistening on her now naked body told her immediately that Tina was experiencing a hot flash. Bette pulled her towel from under her pillow and started to wipe the sweat from Tina’s face and neck. Tina’s breath had become more normalize.

    Tina: Oh, my, god Bette! What in the fucking shit is this?

    Bette: Shush. Relax, I got you. It’s one of those nasty hot flashes. It will be over in moment.

    Tina pulled out her towel and put it to her face as Bette continued to dry off the sweat form Tina’s breast and abdomen. She then toweled her legs and instructed Tina to turn over on her stomach so she could get her backside.

    Bette:  I think we are going to need to change the sheets before we sleep in this bed again. Let me get some water for you. You okay.

    Tina:  Yeah, the blast furnace is off. And I’m feeling cooler with the evaporation of the sweat. Thanks Babe. I really didn’t mean to wake you up. Wow…that was special!

    Bette giggled:  Yea, it is, isn’t it? Now, do you want to sit up and drink that water. I’ll dry your hair a little.

    Tina:  Yea, thanks. Boy that takes the starch out you, doesn’t it? Are they all going to be like this?

    Bette:  God, I hope not. If they are, I’ll have to take a change of clothes with me to work and maybe a portable shower!

    Tina laughed:  So, you’re going to set up a portable shower? Where, out in the parking lot? You could call it an art exhibit. Probably attract a lot of attention.

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