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    Chapter 5 – The Vows

    The afternoon hours sped by quickly after Bette and Tina were rescued from the walk-in. The sun was beginning its descent into the Malibu hills as the brides finished getting ready. Alice was helping Tina in the bedroom and becoming increasingly annoyed with her bridezilla when Tina wouldn’t let the topic of Tasha drop.

    “I’m glad Tasha is staying for the party. I can’t even imagine if you didn’t call her to help us.”

    “Yeah, she was thrilled to hear from me.” Alice rolled her eyes as she looked Tina over before tying the neck of Tina’s blouse. “Gotta say Tina, I’m surprised you’re not showing more of the girls today.” Alice pressed her hands to the sides of Tina’s boobs and pushed them together.

    A few long seconds passed before Tina tilted her head, watching Alice stare at her chest.

    Tina quipped, “Um, Al, your hands are still there.”

    “Right, sorry, just sayin. I mean you do have great boobs, Tina!” Alice nudged her longtime friend before reaching over the bed to grab the suit jacket.

    Tina rolled her eyes at Alice’s whimsical thought, but couldn’t help but appreciate her fun lightheartedness. She turned to the mirror, smoothed the silk over her chest where Alice’s hands had been, and fixed her hair over her shoulders.

    “Are you putting this on now?”

    “Yes. And for your information that and this scarf will come off after the ceremony. Speaking of the ceremony…”

    “Yesss I already told you. I am officially approved to declare you wives.” Alice studied Tina’s reflection in the mirror.

    “I know and thank you.” Tina dabbed her lipstick with a peck to Alice’s cheek. “But I was going to say we are going to have Angie walk down before us.”

    “Tina, everything is going to be fine.” Alice grabbed both of Tina’s hands, turning her towards her. She paused as she ran her hands up the velvet arms to Tina’s shoulders. Alice dropped her head, her voice starting to crack. “I’m so happy for you guys. Like I can’t even believe we get to do this.”

    “Oh Al, don’t cry.” Tina was surprised by the emotion in Alice’s tone. She handed her a tissue, looking adoringly at her closest friend.

    Alice wiped Tina’s lipstick off her cheek and patted her eyes.

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    1. Lovely chapter… thanks for writing it… I wish this had been what was shown of Gen Q…. without the surrounding drama with the cake, etc. This was a moment that belong to Bette and Tina and to us the viewers…

      Thanks for this rewrite…

    2. Wonderful chapter, i agree with Martha, this is how the wedding should have been. So happy you brought Helena and Peggy in this chapter.
      Will you write a chapter with the reception? Would love to see them interact with Helena and Peggy.

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