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    Chapter 69 – You Need to Keep Her Around

    The warmth of the water did nothing to suppress the goosebumps that appeared along Tina’s arms and legs at the thought of Bette in more compromising positions. She hadn’t noticed that the friction of her finger to her stimulated sweet spot was causing her to jerk her hips harder which in turn, caused an upsurge in the waters of the bathtub.

    With her other hand, she pinched and played with her stiffened nipples. It wasn’t long before Tina was fucking herself underwater for the second time in less than a week. She easily brought herself to an orgasm and her moans echoed against the tile of the bathroom.

    Taking a moment to catch her breath, Tina rested her head once again on the edge of the tub with a satisfied grin on her face.



    The Air-Conditioned Lounge, San Diego

    The band tilted their champagne glasses, and Kit her sparkling cider glass all together as Bette pumped them up for tomorrow night’s gig.

    “To your future, to your fans, to your first show in San Diego, guys!” Bette smiled.

    “Here, here!” The band beamed with pride as they sipped from their glasses.

    They had just come back from dropping off their equipment at the venue and were ready to let loose before the big show opening for Ozomatli the next evening.

    “Sucks that Tina couldn’t come. I know she really wanted to.” Carmen said, not noticing the deepened breath sucked in by Bette at the mention of the blonde.

    “Well, she told me to tell you guys good luck,” Shane said. “She couldn’t believe you got video of her and sent it to Bette, baby.” She said to her girlfriend who was relaxed with her arm around her shoulders.

    “She was so great!” Alice chimed in.

    Kit was watching Bette’s reaction very carefully. The sisters hadn’t had an opportunity to discuss the blonde A&R executive since the older Porter got into town. Bette smiled at Shane and Carmen.

    “I’m sorry I missed it, but I’m glad you got the footage, Carm.” Bette said to the DJ.

    “We love her, Bette. You need to keep her around.” Carmen returned Bette’s smile.

    “For sure,” Shane agreed.

    “Yeah Bette, I can honestly say, that this chick has major potential. She’s so much better than that Phoebe bimbo you used to date.” Alice said as she moved from the couch to the stripper pole in the middle of their section, twirling slightly around it with one hand.

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    1. Thanks for the number, MeLL. ;-p Tina knows how to have fun on her own!

      What a relief that T + B are at least texting again. The reunion is getting closer.
      Cute how the band raves about Tina and show their support for the new couple.

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