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    Chapter 69 – You Need to Keep Her Around

    Bette looked up at Alice. “I’d appreciate it if you’d not refer to my girlfriend as a ‘chick,’ Al.”

    Alice rolled her eyes. “Whatever, Little P. You know I didn’t mean it in a derogatory way.”

    “You better not,” the brunette mumbled before taking another sip from her champagne glass.

    “Well, I think Tina is rad. And I think you guys are super hot together, but I’m even more excited about playing for San Diego’s untapped crowds and meeting the guys from Ozo.” Angus said. Bette thought he looked cute in his button up shirt, something that was typically not in his normal wardrobe selection.

    The bar they were hanging at was at the suggestion of her new friend, James. Having told Bette that it was the best upscale dive bar in town, she trusted James’ judgment from his superior knowledge of fish taco establishments. He was unable to meet up with the band tonight since his girlfriend came into town, but had assured Bette that he would be at the show to give them a listen.

    Bette had told the band about her lunch with James and they were interested in meeting him since he knew his way around the San Diego music scene. They definitely wanted to return to play in this beautiful coastal city.

    “I think Tina is pretty rad too, Angus.” Bette responded, tipping her glass towards his.

    “Fuckin’ A,” he replied.

    The club wasn’t quite as packed as they had expected on a Friday night, but once the DJ started spinning “Run This Town,” Carmen was able to pull Shane, Tayo, Alice, and even Angus on to the small wooden dance floor in front of their roped off section, giving the two sisters time to catch up.

    Kit moved to the couch near Bette. The younger Porter downed the rest of her glass of champagne, then reached for the bottle sitting in an ice bucket on the small table in their section.

    “Soooo?” Kit asked with every intention of discussing the blonde with her sister.

    “So.” Bette responded, taking yet another large gulp of the bubbly, carbonated liquid she held in her glass.

    “She’s really sorry.”

    “I know,” Bette said without making eye contact.

    “Come on, Bette, don’t torture her anymore than you have.”

    “Kit, first of all, it’s really none of your business, and secondly, we’re gonna talk when I get back on Sunday.”

    Kit studied her little sister’s profile, while Bette smiled at the goofy robotic dance moves Angus was showing off on the dance floor.

    “Sunday isn’t soon enough. She’s not used to the Bette that we –”

    “Kit!” Bette was exasperated. “It’s fine. I’ve been texting her. She knows that I – ”

    “That you what?”

    Bette sighed.

    “That I miss her.”

    Kit smirked. “But does she know that you’re sorry?”

    One more drink was taken from her glass before Bette responded.

    “She will.”

    Kit breathed out a laugh and shook her head as she watched her bandmates make fools of themselves on the dance floor.

    A few minutes passed by and the sisters were still watching the Stouts dance as best they could to “The Light” by Common.

    “Come on, girl,” Kit said standing up and stretching out her hand to her only sister.

    Bette looked at the extended hand with one eyebrow raised. Finishing off her glass, she clutched Kit’s hand and was led to the dance floor where the rest of her friends were having a good time.

    There are times,
    When you need someone,
    I will be by your side, oh no,
    There is a light, that shines
    Special for you and me…


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    1. Thanks for the number, MeLL. ;-p Tina knows how to have fun on her own!

      What a relief that T + B are at least texting again. The reunion is getting closer.
      Cute how the band raves about Tina and show their support for the new couple.

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