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    Chapter 69 – You Need to Keep Her Around

    It was after this meeting with Aaron that Tina finally broke down and sent Bette the message letting her know that she missed her. She was pleasantly surprised at the response she received, but Tina knew not to push just in case it drove Bette further away. She was really going to need to figure out how to deal with women, so she just smiled to herself and went on with her day.

    Friday morning, she received another text from Bette bidding her a good morning and promising her that they would talk when she returned to L.A. on Sunday and to have a good weekend in the meantime. Tina was tempted to let Bette know that she would be at the show on Saturday. But she really wanted it to be a surprise, so she didn’t. It seemed that Bette was finally coming around and had done some thinking, because she responded in kind to Tina’s text for her to enjoy herself this weekend as well. And this time, it was the brunette who initiated the declarations of missing the other.

    Tina got on the road down to San Diego by noon, and was able to avoid most of the traffic on the way. She checked in to her hotel and ordered room service since the room was on the label’s dime. The bar on the rooftop of the hotel was in full happy-hour mode, so she drank a few martinis before retiring back to her room for the evening.

    Now, she pictured her next meeting with her lovely girlfriend. Thoughts of Bette brought a smile to Tina’s lips as she washed her troubles away with the warm bathwater. The more she thought about her estranged girlfriend, the more aroused she became. It had been four days since she had been with Bette and Tina was horny. The fact that she was in the tub only served to intensify her sexual longing since she now associated Bette with bodies of water in accordance with their “wet” theme.

    Soon, Tina found her hand wandering over her abdomen as her muscles inadvertently twitched below the surface of the bubbly water. Parting her legs, her fingers toyed with her clit ever so lightly.

    “Oh, Bette” she whispered into the confines of the bathroom. Images of the sexy brunette filled Tina’s head behind closed eyes. She stroked her aching nub, slow and deliberate as she let her head fall back against the edge of the tub. Her hips rolled against her own hand.

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    1. Thanks for the number, MeLL. ;-p Tina knows how to have fun on her own!

      What a relief that T + B are at least texting again. The reunion is getting closer.
      Cute how the band raves about Tina and show their support for the new couple.

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