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    Chapter 9

    (Bette) So your work seems to be causing you more strain than usual

    Tina looks at her.

    (Tina) I guess. There’s been a lot going on.

    (Bette) Boundaries?

    Tina looks at her for another moment before smiling softly.

    (Tina) Yeah, boundaries. How has your week been?

    (Bette shrugs) Just a week. The usual. Demanding constituents and committee meetings for the sake of committee meetings. Not a week that would spark passion in anyone to enter politics

    Tina smiles.

    (Bette) I think your week was probably not just a week

    Tina shakes her head.

    (Tina) No

    Bette watches her for another moment.

    (Bette) Well, if we can’t talk about it, maybe there are other ways I can help

    Bette leans over and takes Tina’s wine from her hand and places both of their glasses on the coffee table. She turns to her with a faint smile and places her hands slightly above Tina’s knees. She moves her hands slowly upwards, bringing up Tina’s skirt, while pushing her legs apart with her body as she kneels on the floor before her.

    Tina smiles at her.

    (Tina) Maybe you could help

    (Bette smiles) Let’s see

    Tina leans back into the couch as Bette lowers her head.


    They go another few days without seeing one another as Tina is again unable to find time with her increased workload. Bette has suggested a return to their previous arrangement of coming over late and leaving early, but Tina resists, saying that she needs to focus until this particular piece of work comes to a conclusion. Bette remains concerned, but decides not to push the issue, and instead to wait until Tina’s work calms down and see where things stand then.


    Another couple of days later, Tina is in her office and places a call to Bette. After a few rings, Bette answers her office phone.

    (Tina) Hi

    (Bette, speaking coldly) Hi Tina, it’s a bad time, can we speak later?

    (Tina) Of course, I’m sorry to interrupt. I’ll just see you tonight?

    (Bette) Actually I can’t make it, I have a lot to do for tomorrow.


    (Tina) Ok.

    (Bette) If that’s all then I need to get going.

    (Tina) Bette, you’ve obviously seen the article. We need to talk about it.

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    1. So this is where everything comes to a head… *Sigh*… I understand Tina’s point and I also get why Bette’s so angry. This is why it’s impossible for a politician and a true journalist to be in a relationship: conflicts of interest. As Tina said, Bette will probably weather the political storm. I’m more concerned if their relationship will survive this major change. Is that the end of their affair? I hope not. I hope they’ll talk again when everything has calmed down.

      I’m scared to think this could end in a heartbreak not only for Bette and Tina but for all of us hopeless Tibette fans out here. But as I’ve said in my previous comment at another ungodly hour, I hope you’ll find the time and inspiration to continue writing and sharing this well-written story, katynd! I promise to keep on reading until the hopefully distant, not-so-bitter end. Thank you so much for this, katynd, and have a lovely weekend!:)

    2. Wow, this is their fork in the road. Is this why Bette walked away before? Corruption , however minute, is corruption. I think Tina was naive to think that starting their relationship over would not be demanding at best. Keep up the great writing and bring us to a strong ending. I hope you are a true Tibetter. PPS

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