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    Chapter 8

    Chapter 8

    Time goes on, and the casual arrangement between the two remains. They spend as much time together as their busy schedules allow, and more often than not wind up in the same bed together each night. Though each keep a careful check on voicing their feelings for the other, Tina’s use of ’Baby’ as a term of endearment has become a regular fixture, with her now using it casually and often. Bette loves it, and experiences a warm feeling through her chest every time she hears it.

    Tina and Bette are both at work in their offices, and Tina places a call to Bette.

    (Bette) Hey, what are you doing calling? I thought you were going to be run off your feet today.

    (Tina) I am, but I wanted to let you know that it turns out I’ll be in DC next week after all. The conference I was staying here for has been postponed, and I’m keen to be there amongst it.

    (Bette smiles) Well I’m glad

    (Tina smiles) Me too. Where are you staying? I’ll just be flying in for the night so I’ll book the same hotel

    (Bette) The Continental on South Capitol

    There is a long pause while Tina frowns in confusion.

    (Tina) Why are you staying there?

    (Bette) It’s reasonably priced, and close to where I need to be. I am on the public purse after all.

    (Tina) Wow you’re the first Senator I’ve known to be so considerate

    Another long pause.

    (Bette) Are you still there?

    (Tina) Yes, I’m just trying to think how I’m going to convince my assistant to stay in the worst hotel in Washington.

    (Bette) It’s really not that bad

    (Tina) Weren’t there those murders there recently?

    (Bette) Jesus. Ok, I’ll change my booking.

    (Tina) I think you should consider staying with everybody else. I know you’re being honourable, and I have enormous respect for that, I do. But your time is money too, and I think you’ll find the convenience of staying where the functions are held, and close by to those you’ll be meeting justifies the extra cost.

    (Bette sighs) OK, fine. You’ve convinced me.

    (Tina) Great. I’ll have my assistant book and I’ll forward you the details. Book a room close by.

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    1. Thank you for continuing this story! Love the intrigue in their meetings. I know their clandestine relationship is on borrowed time and they will be outed. I just hope their relationship being outed does not break them up. There will be storms brewing especially with that senator checking them out…..does he sense something more than a professional relationship? Please post again soon

    2. Nice chapter…. life for Bette and Tina and their relationship is getting harder to sustain in this no strings attached in name only relationship. Something has to give or they are going to be beside themselves during their times of separation. Can’t wait to see how you give them a glide path to happiness for both of them. They need to be together as committed full time spouses. It’s what they want….

      Excellent writing…. excellent.

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