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    Chapter 9 – I Bet She Tastes Like Hundred Dollar Bills

    “It’s the remix.” Carmen said as she stood beside Bette surveying the dance floor.

    Hit was one of the biggest clubs in West Hollywood. A two story layout, the downstairs was the main dance floor situated in between two long bars across from one another. To the right of the entrance was a cluster of chairs and benches available to anyone resting from dancing and just beyond were three pool tables. At the far end, across from the entrance and along the back wall were three VIP rooms with nicer couches and chairs, coffee tables, and the ability to un-rope the set of velvet curtains or the sheer white valances for added privacy. To the left of the entrance was a curved staircase leading to the second floor and two more VIP rooms underneath the staircase along the wall and the DJ booth separating the second room from the bar. The second floor of the club was really more of a glorified balcony perfect for scoping out the dancers with a few tables and chairs for those more interested in just hanging with the people they came with.

    When the others finally had their wristbands, a skinny brunette wearing a tight black tank top greeted them. She introduced herself as Dawn Denbo, one of the club’s owners and led them to the VIP room next to the DJ booth.

    The group of friends chose their seats for the evening and Dawn had a couple bottles of Ketel One and some mixers brought up for them.

    “Now this is the life,” Shane said as she mixed herself a vodka tonic. “Bottle service with our own little private area and a great view.” She had to project her voice over the speaker blaring the music that was just a few yards away from them.

    “Porter, what the hell did you tell that doorwoman to get us in here? And who’s paying for this bottle service?” Alice asked, amazed that they were getting the star treatment.

    “I think it just might be covered,” Bette said with a smile. One thing about Bette was that she was never selfish with her money. She led a very comfortable life and was never hesitant to pick up a tab here and there for her friends. Although each of them had part time jobs to cover the rent, music was their passion and really what they all wanted as a full time career. But each and every one of them lived paycheck to paycheck and Bette was well aware that she was in a position to help them live the dream. She had given up on hers long ago, yet the road she had taken proved to be very lucrative.

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    1. So you may have noticed that both of our girls are feeling a little out of sorts in these chapters. Perhaps it is the universe giving them a sign.

      Always pay attention to the signs, people. I’m not a big believer in destiny as I am a proponent of free will to create one’s own destiny, BUT, when things just kind of start to fall into place, you should probably listen to the universe. Don’t fight it; embrace it.

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