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    Chapter 9 – I Bet She Tastes Like Hundred Dollar Bills

    Having invested a pretty penny in the band already, she had agreed to be their business manager to assist them in financially savvy career decisions. And she had agreed to do it at no cost to the band. Bette had never asked them to reimburse her for the costs she expended, and she refused to take a cut of anything the band was able to earn or recoup from small shows at dive bars around the LA area. She wanted to see them succeed on their own terms. To play for the sake of playing straight from the heart.

    It was her plan to get them booked for a few shows up and down California until their websites created a loyal following to help sustain them for the long haul. Bette had a vision for them, but knew they were hungry to be as significant as Kit once was, long before the alcohol consumed her drive and made her lose sight of her true passion for playing.

    “Hey, I’m gonna go talk to the DJ and ask if we can put the rest of these flyers on the merchandise table.” Carmen announced.

    The rest of the women nodded as Carmen bounded down the two steps that elevated the VIP section from the main floor.



    Dance Floor

    “Wonder Woman” had finally faded into Akon’s “Dangerous” and Helena was still swaying to and fro trying to get closer to Tina.

    Girl I can’t notice but to
    Notice you
    Noticing me
    From across the room
    I can see it
    And can’t stop myself
    From looking and
    Noticing you
    Noticing me
    Watch out I’ve seen her type before
    That girl is so dangerous
    That girl is so dangerous
    That girl is a bad girl

    Tina did a little spin move as she turned her head side to side three times letting her hair partially cover her face. She swung her arms to the music to keep Helena at bay. Helena is definitely dangerous, she thought and tried to keep from smiling, worried she would give the billionaire a false signal. She began to get goosebumps despite her slightly flushed and sweat-beaded state. I know I’m not feeling that half glass of champagne, why do I feel so anxious?  She couldn’t quite put her finger on what was happening to her physical demeanor.

    Helena appeared to be distracted by the way Tina moved her hips because it looked as though she was beginning to lose her stamina on the dance floor. She was definitely aroused. Tina looked delicious enough to taste right there in the middle of the dance floor. But she knew it was impossible since she was dating another one of Helena’s employees. I could always fire him,  she thought.

    Helena leaned into Tina ready to retire back to their section when she felt two hands on her own hips begin to slowly travel down the side of her thighs and a warm body pressed against her back. She looked back at her new dance partner and saw a pair of brown eyes staring into hers. Helena raised an eyebrow. The stranger had her bottom lip captured by the top row of her white teeth and lifted the corner of her mouth in a crooked grin at the brunette…



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    1. So you may have noticed that both of our girls are feeling a little out of sorts in these chapters. Perhaps it is the universe giving them a sign.

      Always pay attention to the signs, people. I’m not a big believer in destiny as I am a proponent of free will to create one’s own destiny, BUT, when things just kind of start to fall into place, you should probably listen to the universe. Don’t fight it; embrace it.

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