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    Come Over

    It wasn’t long before Tina’s movements became more frantic and uncoordinated, her coming orgasm urging her to do anything to set her off. Bette knew this and matched the blonde thrust for thrust, curling her fingers in just the perfect spot that made Tina cry out.

    “Right there!”

    She exploded into Bette’s waiting hand as she continued to ride the slender fingers until she couldn’t anymore.

    As often as she thought about what her first time with Bette would be, Tina never ever imagined what actually happened. She felt free and complete all at once, fully satisfied yet hungry for more. Being with Bette was a high like no other and she was glad that the brunette felt the exact same way.



    Bette laid atop Tina, supporting her weight on her elbows as she kissed her deeply, languidly. She pulled back and pushed the blonde hair out of her lover’s face, looking down at her with an emotion Tina had never before seen. She didn’t want to contemplate it at that time, not wanting to overthink things and ruin the moment between them. She would come back to it later and offered a sweet smile instead.

    “You okay?” The brunette asked tenderly, her fingers continuing to push back the stubborn blonde hair.

    “I will be”

    The response earned a questioning look from the brunette, her fingers even stopped their ministrations. “What do you mean?”

    “I mean” Tina smiled as her fingers lightly stroked Bette’s back, feeling the soft skin that grew warm from their lovemaking. “I will be okay .. after you come”

    Bette’s eyes widened slightly, her dark eyes becoming even darker if that was even possible. She was excited but uncertain all at once and Tina couldn’t help but smile wider, “You don’t have to .. I know this is still all new to you. We can wait”

    “Shhh” Tina smiled mischievously as one of her hands trailed down Bette’s back, moving over her firm backside. “Stop worrying. Just let me have you. I want you so bad”

    “Tina, I ..” Bette shuddered as she felt Tina’s fingers entered her from behind, her eyes rolling back of their own accord. She bit her lip as she pushed back against the slender fingers, sending them deeper inside.


      • I’m re-familiarizing myself with the site which includes my old, unfinished stories. “When You Least Expect It” was definitely a favorite of mine. I promise to come back to it in the near future :) our girls deserve a happy ending after all!

    1. Well, well, well, after two years When you Least Expect it along comes a missing great writer with a tempting short story.
      Music may be my Saviour but I’m happy with this tempting morsel before more posts of the same standard as your past posts!
      Welcome back looking forward to more and I shall embark on a re-read in anticipation so please don’t make us wait too long :-)

    2. Nice story…So Hot and intense…love it..
      And seeing most comments above me talking about your unfinished story “When you least expect it”..i think i’m going to start reading it now..hope by the time i reach the end you have continued it.. :-)
      Tks for sharing

    3. Love me a Bette and Tina story, this one was incredibly HOT!
      I like to think of their first time together went something like that. Even with them being introduce to us on the LWord as the stable couple in a committed relationship Bette and Tina SEXY times were so passionate and hot after ALL of the years that they had been together…so the BEGINNING had to be smoking hot!!!!!

      I’m gonna go check out some of your other stories! Welcome back and THANKS!

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