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    Family Dinner

    Michelle rolls her eyes. ”Yeah, I heard you, but that one very important part pisses me off, Bette….”

    ”And you don’t think it pisses me off?”

    Michelle motions toward Bette as she steps out of her pants. ”You certainly don’t seem like you are….”

    ”Well, trust me, I am….”

    ”So then don’t let them get away with this shit, honey…”

    Bette looks at Michelle curiously as she starts to unbutton her shirt. ”Them?”

    Michelle shrugs as she walks into the closet. ”Yes. Who’s to say Tina didn’t know…”

    ”Well…because she said that she didn’t….”

    Michelle rolls her eyes and scoffs as she walks into the closet. ”And you just believe her?”


    Michelle walks out of the closet as she closes her white bathrobe. ”And why is that?”

    ”Because I was married to the woman for seven years, Michelle, I would know if she were lying….” Bette then shrugs and shakes her head as she untucks her shirt from her pants. ”And to be honest, the more I think about it, the less that even sounds like Tina…. she’s not that cruel….”

    Michelle narrows her eyes and scoffs as she puts her hand on her hips. ”I’m sorry…. we’re still talking about the woman who fled with your child, right?”

    ”Yes…” Bette softly says.

    Michelle once again shakes her head and scoffs. ”You know what? I can’t do this with you right now. I’m gonna try to calm down with a bath…” she turns to leave the room but stops, turns back, and looks at Bette. ”Is there anything else I need to know? Has the spirit of forgiveness moved you so much that you’re gonna move the bitch into our guest room?”

    Bette cringes but decides to move past Michelle’s sarcastic question. ”No…. but she is coming to family dinner this week…”

    Michelle clenches her jaw in anger before she groans, turns on her heels, and walks out of the room.

    Bette drops her head, sighs, and removes her shirt as she walks into the closet…




    The Planet…


    A few days later, Tina is having breakfast when she spots Shane entering, walking hand in hand with an attractive woman. She gently smiles when Shane kisses the woman and then watches her head towards the bathroom.


    1. To me, one thing is for certain. Michelle is not making Bette’s life any easier. She is making it more difficult for Bette to have a reasonable relationship with Angie. And if she keeps up this attitude of vengeance, she is going to cause Bette to lay down some boundaries in order to keep peace in the household. Michelle may not like what Tina did to Bette and even to the rest of the gang. But it is up to each individual to determine what their relationship will be going forward with Tina. And dear Michelle needs to understand that a future relationship between Bette and her daughter is going to mean a relationship with Angie’s mother as well. And everyone can enter this in the sprit of cooperation and hope, or they can foster vengeance and resentment. Michelle needs to realize that she is not the victim of Tina’s actions. And those who were victims will determine their own path forward. My advice to Michelle is to take a more neutral stance and see where this is headed for Bette. Her life will be a whole lot easier if she does.

      Thanks for the chapter… cannot wait to read more.

    2. I sympathize with Michelle & Dani bc they were the ones who shouldered the emotional burden to nurse our favorite couple back to life.

      Bette recovering to the point of re-marrying and becoing a Mom.

      And Tina committed to Dani but not engaged right?

      M&D “suspect” that the Tibette ‘ship must have very amorous and intense . . .

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