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    On the Road

    Tina led Bette to where Ollie was standing watching the set crew tear down the stage and load it in the waiting trucks at the delivery area outside the stadium.

    “Ollie!” Tina called out to him as he turned to see her approaching with Bette “This is Bette Porter who is taking Karen’s place.  Please take care of her for me” Tina said and gave Bette a smile

    “Alright…Come with me Bette so I can get you an itinerary and schedules. We are leaving and 6am in the morning from the Westin Hotel on Penn St” Ollie says as he puts his arm around Bette to lead her out to the bus to give her the information

    “Wait!” Tina calls out stopping them and Ollie removes his arm from Bette

    Tina pulls Bette into another hug and speaks into her ear “Thank you for joining us.”

    Bette almost couldn’t breathe with the blonde pressed into body.  She had admired Tina since she saw her winning the singing competition Solo Singer that jumpstarted her career over a year ago. Now she was one of the hottest solo artists on the charts and she was in Bette’s arms again and it almost took her breathe away. She reluctantly pulled away from Tina to speak

    “I should be thanking you. But I hate that it came at Karen’s expense.  I know she is crushed about this but I promise I won’t let you down”

    Tina nodded “I know you won’t . Something tells me you are going to end up being my best dancer now.”

    Bette smiled

    “Well I’m going to go now..I will see you bright and early tomorrow”  Tina said backing up and waving before turning and jogging back toward her dressing room

    Ollie chuckled “That girl has so much energy the energizer bunny would be jealous”

    “Yeah..She’s great” Bette said watching Tina and turned back as Ollie guided her out to the tour bus


    After running into Jessie on her way to her dressing room, Tina filled her in about Bette and Jessie planned to get with Bette once they arrived in Chicago to get her measurements and to make any adjustments to the spare costumes before the show.

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    1. Great chapter!

      I am in on the bet something will happen before they arrive in NY, but Ollie is right, don’t bet at something that’s eventually going to happen.

      They are cute together and i can’t wait how this will continue.

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