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    Fire and Ice—Chapter Four

    Meanwhile inside the Plaza Hotel restaurant

    “I’m looking forward to seeing how your campaign will promote our expansion ” Alexis says taking a sip of water

    “Trust me..This is going to very beneficial for your chain and our agency” Robin says glancing at the entrance seeing Tina and Bette make their to their table.

    Bette seats herself beside Alex while Tina sits on the opposite side beside Robin

    Alexis squeezes Bette’s hand under the table for comfort

    “So Tina..Alexis and I were discussing some ideas for Bellissimo Premier expanding their chain to include their new resorts in Bora Bora, Santorini, Bali, Tahiti, and Capri” Robin begins with Tina listening intently..

    Bette looks on in awe as Alexis speaks

    “Yes..We want to focus on working class families for affordable vacations. Bellissimo Premier has always catered to the wealthy but with our resorts we want to appeal to the middle class for all inclusive vacation packages at an affordable price..That is our message” Alexis pauses leaning back in her seat and steeples her fingers “We want to invite you to our resorts in Bali to take a tour and gather ideas for your proposal..We will book you in our suites. Our resorts follow the same blueprints so it is unnecessary to visit each one. However, each island is unique and must be marketed accordingly”

    Tina purses her lip in thought and turns to Robin “This is your project. I will leave this up to you on how to proceed”

    Robin nods “When would you like us to take this tour?”

    “Let’s see” Alexis replies turning her head to Bette “Bette can you check my schedule for my availability?” Alexis lightly taps her foot on Bette’s shin to play along

    Bette reaches in her purse and pulls out her organizer that has nothing but codes corresponding to individuals she has targeted for her hits and pretends to be looking at dates

    Tina studies Bette’s demeanor closely and Bette can feel her eyes on her

    “You have a few days available on the 23rd but nothing until November after that”

    “That’s two weeks from now” Alexis taps her chin in thought “Would that work for the two of you?”

    Tina looks at Alexis “Oh I’m not going.There is no need..Robin can handle this”


    1. Oh my….my.. Gio… not a good situation at all. The one calling the shots…. the one directing the crew. Is he really the trader? It is amazing that Tina has this much trust in Bette that she would meet her alone in some dark building…. and it is amazing that she would accept Bette’s story without some evidence to back it up. But this is a real adventure… Thanks for the chapter… look forward to seeing more…

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