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    Fire and Ice—Chapter Four

    Tina side glances at Alexis and Bette and sighs..

    “No… I will go…Like you said…This is a huge opportunity for us and I need to put my feelings aside and focus on business”

    Robin nods and the two return back to Alexis and Bette

    “Well..Are we ready” Alexis cheerfully smiles Bette glaring at her

    “After you” Robin motions and starts following after Alexis

    “Bette?..Can I talk to you for minute?” Tina asks before Bette could take a step

    Alexis and Robin glance at each other

    “We will meet you inside” Robin says giving Tina a supportive nod..Tina watches as they walk away

    Bette awkwardly rubs her arm with her hand and Tina was slightly amused at the nervousness of the woman before her. Nothing about the Bette she knew before was ever nervous.  Satisfaction spread over her

    Tina folds her arms

    “Listen..It’s apparent that we are going to be  seeing each other if this partnership between Bellissimo Premier and our agency is formed..I want to make myself clear that my presence around you will only be one of tolerance.I will not be making any contact beyond what is necessary. Am I clear?”

    Tina’s words were as cold as the stare she was giving her at this moment.  Bette could see and feel the hatred pass through her. If only she could make Tina understand. To make her see

    “Crystal” Bette composes herself in a confident manner stepping towards Tina ready to put on the show of her life even though it was killing her inside.  “I do not intend to interact with you any more than what is necessary…I am here to assist Alexis and Alexis only”

    Tina raises an eyebrow “Well then..We have an understanding?” Tina clears her throat

    Bette nods “We do”

    Tina turned away from Bette and took a step toward the restaurant

    “Yehudis Samet”

    Tina stopped and turned to face Bette giving her a confused look


    Bette took a few steps and stopped at Tina’s shoulder.  They were now standing beside each other facing opposite directions.  Without turning her head Bette spoke

    “Yehudis Samet” she repeated as she casually walked toward the restaurant entrance leaving Tina who slowly turned around and followed behind Bette into the restaurant


    1. Oh my….my.. Gio… not a good situation at all. The one calling the shots…. the one directing the crew. Is he really the trader? It is amazing that Tina has this much trust in Bette that she would meet her alone in some dark building…. and it is amazing that she would accept Bette’s story without some evidence to back it up. But this is a real adventure… Thanks for the chapter… look forward to seeing more…

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