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    Game Night

    Bette didn’t want to fuck it up either. However, the emotions were almost too much for her. She took a step back. Tina noticed. Bette had to give herself space to breathe because Tina’s scent was intoxicating. 

    Bette ran her hand through her hair. Tina grabbed the back of her neck. They stood silently for three heartbeats.

    “Is Chinese okay?” Bette blurted.

    She startled Tina. Bette continued talking before Tina could respond.

    “I can…I can order something for delivery if…if…um…you…um…what about Indian?” 

    “Indian? Youuuu want Indian?”

    Tina scoffed.

    Bette shrugged. Tina knew this was overwhelming for Bette. She was on the verge of a complete emotional spiral. In the past, Tina would’ve wrapped Bette in her arms and combed her fingers through those thick luxurious curls. Bette’s nose would’ve snuggled into Tina’s neck and she would’ve inhaled…deeply…over and over again. Tina would’ve kissed Bette’s cheeks. Then her eyelids. And her forehead. She would’ve scratched up and down Bette’s back until she felt some of the tension release. Then she would’ve leaned back and looked into Bette’s eyes. If there was still a lot going on behind those chocolate pools, she would’ve ever so gently kissed her on the lips. Tina would’ve repeated her movements until she felt Bette squeezing her and kissing her back. Then she would’ve leaned into Bette with her arms wrapped around her and she would’ve waited until her favorite brunette was ready to talk. But Tina knew she couldn’t. At least not yet.

    “We haven’t had Indian since that time you got sick in India?”

    “I know. But if you want Indian, I can order Indian. Or. Or Thai. Or Pho. Or Pizza. Or Jamaican. There’s a new place called Jamaican Me Crazy that opened up a couple of months ago.” 

    Bette exhaled and cleared her throat. Tina looked down and quickly back up. 

    “I think I have a menu. It should…be…”

    Bette took a step towards the kitchen. Tina reached out and grabbed Bette’s arm. Firmly. Every nerve under Tina’s hand was on fire. Bette suddenly stopped talking. She looked at Tina’s hand and took a deep breath. She instantly calmed down. Their connection was strong. Their bodies knew what to do despite their current situation. Tina could always calm Bette with a touch or a glance. 


    1. I love this story as well!

      Leave it to Alice to ruin their first day together at their house but maybe it’s just what they needed, a fun evening.

      Look forward to read the next chapter!

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