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    Get The Girl—Prologue


    I smile as Ms Roberts places my Math test down on my desk and the “A+”  in red is staring back at me. “Excellent  Bette..So glad to have you back” she says as she proceeds to the blonde sitting in front of me..

    “Nice work Tina” Ms Roberts praises as I can’t help but silently chuckle at Tina’s little shimmy of her shoulders showing off her excitement as I see her head turn to the person in the seat across from her getting the persons attention and “Alyssa..Thank you for helping me”

    I look over and see my best friend Alyssa look in Tina’s direction.  “It’s no problem.  I’m glad I could help” Alyssa replies and quickly turns her attention back to the front and I see Tina hold her gaze on Alyssa for a minute before I hear her sigh and turn her head back before lowering it slightly


    I think little miss Tina Kennard is totally crushing on my best friend….Well…I guess she is still my best friend.  We were before I left but things are different now.  Since I have been back I keep to myself and she and I haven’t really talked or hung out.  I’m not sure if we still are.  She just started dating Holly Simpson, I mean like a week ago…She is the most annoying self absorbed girl at Langley High…But is the most popular being she is in just about every extracurricular activity in school except sports. Well cheerleading but not athletics.  I don’t have a clue what Alyssa is even doing with her.  But apparently she has been helping Tina in Math and now the blonde has caught a crush it seems..Alyssa is probably clueless…..Dumbass

    I’m snapped out of my thoughts as the bell rings

    “Alright class..No homework..Enjoy your weekend” Ms Roberts announces to whoops  from the class as we gather our belongings and file out of the room.

    I’m walking directly behind Tina as we exit the classroom and towards our lockers…Mine is next hers.  Since school started back three weeks ago she has been the only one to speak to me.  Just a “Hey” or “How are you?” but she never fails to speak.  She has always been friendly to everyone around her.  It didn’t matter your background or how you dressed or your social status at school..Tina Kennard made an effort to make you feel like you mattered.  It was apparent now that the one person she wanted to notice her in a more than friendly way is my best friend Alyssa Martin who currently is in a liplock with Holly by her locker as we speak. I come to a stop at my locker as Tina stops at hers staring in the direction of the much unwanted PDA.  I roll my eyes at them and lean in closer to Tina….

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    1. Ohhhh boi, this is gonna be fun!!! Tina seeing Bette as a mystery woman, and Bette seeing Tina as an adorable new friend that she would love to love.

      And with the slightest skin brush there is already a spark btwn them, noticed, but not yet analyzed by Tina bc she is too busy crushing on Alyssa . . .

      I can feel “impatience” arising in my soul wanting to insist, errrrr, “encourage” (HeHeHe!) U to post often wth a bunch of pages bc this story line is fab!!!

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