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    Get The Girl—Prologue

    “Although I would have to say you would really need your head examined if you remotely found her interesting” she continues and folds her arms across her chest.. Her black leather jacket making a twinging sound as the creases rub together

    “Uh…How did you know?”

    She sighs and shakes her head chuckling

    “She’s my best friend you know.”

    I did know that but honestly Alyssa never mentioned her during our times we spent together in the library and at the park. Come to think of it I haven’t seen them together since Bette returned from wherever she went.  Now I’m curious as to why Bette left in the first place and I’m even more curious is to why she is interested in knowing if I like Alyssa.  I’m brought out of my thoughts by fingers snapping in my face causing me to flinch

    “Earth to Tina…Are you with me?”

    I shake my head to clear my thoughts

    “Uh yeah sorry….I just spaced out” I say embarrassed now

    “Yeah I noticed” she chuckles and it sounds cute.  I’ve never heard her laugh before. “Anyway…You asked how I know you like her… I saw your interaction in Math class”

    I stare at her blankly

    “So you got from all of just a two second interaction that I like Alyssa”. I answer scoffing

    “Well that and you stared her down like you wanted to pounce on her”

    “I did not!” I try my best to deny but I went overboard with that response

    Bette chuckles “Look how cute you are trying to deny”

    “Fine!…Yes I like Alyssa but she is with that demon spawn..” I pause when I hear Bette laugh out loud and her laugh echos in the hall.  Everyone had scattered either to class or the cafeteria which is where I should be heading to now since it’s my lunch period.  I think it’s Bette’s too since I have seen her in there eating by herself a few times…And yeah Alyssa and the succubus will be in there too

    “Oh my God…That is so true..You’re funny Tina..I haven’t laughed this hard in a long time….”

    I couldn’t help but smile at that and wonder why she hasn’t

    “Well I’m glad I helped…And you helped me too I suppose…You stopped me thinking about Alyssa for 5 seconds ”. I say as she laughs again…Her laugh is sexy.. I’m not going to lie.  I heard she is a player but I have never  seen her with anyone though…Not here at least….Odd

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    1. Ohhhh boi, this is gonna be fun!!! Tina seeing Bette as a mystery woman, and Bette seeing Tina as an adorable new friend that she would love to love.

      And with the slightest skin brush there is already a spark btwn them, noticed, but not yet analyzed by Tina bc she is too busy crushing on Alyssa . . .

      I can feel “impatience” arising in my soul wanting to insist, errrrr, “encourage” (HeHeHe!) U to post often wth a bunch of pages bc this story line is fab!!!

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