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    Get The Girl—Prologue


    That’s just great.  It turns my stomach to see Alyssa with that bitch…Ughhhh.  I finally had an excuse to get closer to Alyssa and  now she’s dating that bimbo.  If it weren’t for Ms Roberts asking Alyssa to tutor me I wouldn’t have been able to even to get her to look at me…I mean she’s so perfect.  Her long dark blonde hair that falls off her shoulders.  It’s so gorgeous and her toned muscular frame which she maintains from playing soccer and basketball is to die for.  Her blue eyes that just make me melt…I have liked her since our Freshman year…Ever since I bumped into her and our books went flying everywhere.  She was so sweet to me then and always has been and I really thought while she was tutoring me we were getting closer.  I was going to tell her how I felt about her last week until I saw her come in school one day holding hands with Holly.  Now she acts like I don’t even exist.

    I sigh as I lift the latch on my locker not taking my eyes off of the girl I so desperately want to be with

    “That should be outlawed”  I hear a voice behind that makes me jump

    “Shit” I exclaim a little too loudly and turn around to a smiling Bette Porter “Jesus you scared me”

    She chuckles as I try to calm my heart

    “Sorry” she says apologetically

    I sigh as I look up at her to see her now leaning against her locker and smirking at me.

    “What did you say?” I ask as I didn’t hear a word since my heart flew out of chest when she spoke to me earlier and spent the next few moments trying to put it back in my chest

    She nodded her head in the direction behind me and I turn around to see Alyssa and Holly walking hand and hand towards the cafeteria.

    “I said that should be outlawed”

    I scoff

    “I’ll say” I mumbled under my breath and turn back around to face her

    “You like her don’t you?”

    “Who Holly?..You got be kidding!” I answer flabbergasted

    Bette rolls her eyes

    “Not Holly….Alyssa….” She says and I freeze up..How did she know?..I don’t talk to Bette other than just a friendly greeting here in the hallway and she doesn’t associate with anyone…Come to think of it I think this is the most I have ever talked to her at all..

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    1. Ohhhh boi, this is gonna be fun!!! Tina seeing Bette as a mystery woman, and Bette seeing Tina as an adorable new friend that she would love to love.

      And with the slightest skin brush there is already a spark btwn them, noticed, but not yet analyzed by Tina bc she is too busy crushing on Alyssa . . .

      I can feel “impatience” arising in my soul wanting to insist, errrrr, “encourage” (HeHeHe!) U to post often wth a bunch of pages bc this story line is fab!!!

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