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    Get The Girl—Prologue

    “Don’t you have lunch period right now?” Bette asks breaking me from my thoughts again..I nod seeing a mischievous grin on her face.

    “Why are you looking at me like that?”

    Bette lifts her eyebrow

    “I can help you get Alyssa” she says confidently as she pushes herself off of her locker

    I look at her in shock

    “How?…She’s dating Holly and I’m no homewrecker” I say and I watch Bette chuckle

    “You are too cute..Alyssa is an idiot not to see this…But seriously I want what’s best for my best friend and it definitely isn’t Holly Simpson”

    “And you think I am what’s best for her?” I ask and she smiles

    “Now that I can’t really answer.  I do however think you deserve your chance to find out”

    I am just completely shocked right now.

    “Why are you helping me Bette?..I mean not that I’m not grateful to you but what will you get out of this?”

    Bette lifts her hand and rakes her fingers through her thick dark locks of hair.

    “Nothing. I guess just the satisfaction of helping the one person that doesn’t treat me like some outcast” she says sweetly and smiles at me

    “Oh wow..Uhm..Thank you..Well you are welcome I guess” I say coughing a little to clear my throat because I don’t know what to say but I’m still skeptical.  As much as I want to be with Alyssa I don’t know if I can trust Bette.

    “You have doubts..I can tell…”

    Damn she’s good…”Well yeah…I do…I mean as much as I want to be with Alyssa I don’t want her hating me”

    Bette sighs and furrows her eyebrows for a second and clicks her tongue

    “I got it….How about I tell you one thing about Alyssa…One personal thing that’s near and dear to her that you can use for conversation.  I guarantee little miss Simpson won’t look beyond her Botox filled lips to even ask about….and if it works and you decide you want my help then come find me…If it doesn’t then we drop it and I never mention it again”

    I think a minute on what Bette has offered and come to a decision

    “Ok….Deal” I hold out my hand for her to shake

    She chuckles again and places her hand in mine and gently shakes it.   I ignore whatever little spark that was just then because all I can think about right now is getting closer to Alyssa.

    “Alright then…Let’s get lunch and I will give you a little snippet of Alyssa 411” Bette says enthusiastically as we walk toward the cafeteria together


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    1. Ohhhh boi, this is gonna be fun!!! Tina seeing Bette as a mystery woman, and Bette seeing Tina as an adorable new friend that she would love to love.

      And with the slightest skin brush there is already a spark btwn them, noticed, but not yet analyzed by Tina bc she is too busy crushing on Alyssa . . .

      I can feel “impatience” arising in my soul wanting to insist, errrrr, “encourage” (HeHeHe!) U to post often wth a bunch of pages bc this story line is fab!!!

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