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    “And…I’m sorry. I’m just trying to be honest here.”

    “An honest homophobe. How nice,” Bette plastered her best Franklin smile.

    Uh oh, Tina thought.

    “Bette, don’t get into,” Tina said.

    Bette ignored Tina.

    “No. I…I understand, Henry. I mean…you find gay sex repulsive and you don’t care about your son’s personal happiness as much as you do your own comfort level. Right?”

    “You know. Personally…” a random man chimed in.

    “I’m all for it. Between women. It’s just the idea of two guys. Well, you understand, right,” he directed his comment to Bette and laughed.

    Bette was fucking flabbergasted. She looked at Tina. They only stayed for a few more minutes. The next day Tina filed a complaint against Henry with Alphaville.

    “Bette, I’m sorry for my part in manipulating the both of you,” Liz said.

    Bette kept staring at Tina before she turned her gaze towards Liz.

    “Liz…maybe…” Tina tried.

    “I accept your apology,” Bette interrupted.

    Liz looked at Tina. Tina looked at Bette.

    “Okay,” Liz said.

    Liz and Tina exchanged looks.

    “Was there anything else?” Bette asked.

    Tina turned her focus to Bette. Bette plastered her best Franklin smile.

    “Ummm…nope. That’s it,” Liz replied.

    “Okay. Well, I’m so glad you could make it.”

    Bette kept smiling. Then she turned back to her task of creating a charcuterie board. Tina motioned for Liz to go outside.

    “Thanks,” Liz said before she joined the others by the pool. 

    Tina stood next to Bette. Bette didn’t look up. But Tina noticed she had stopped smiling. Tina didn’t force the issue. She was about to start helping when the doorbell rang.

    “I’ll get it,” Tina said.

    Bette watched Tina disappear around the corner. She put her hands on the island and took a deep breath. Then she exhaled slowly.  

    Tina opened the front door to a smiling, sandy brown-haired woman.  

    “Hey, Tina!”

    “Hi, Abby.”

    “Liz invited me. I hope it’s okay that I’m here.”

    “Yes. Of course. Come in. Come in. Come in.” Tina said as she waved Abby inside.

    “Thanks. What a beautiful home you have.”

    Home, Tina thought.

    Abby looked around admiring all the art and decor. Tina followed Abby’s line of sight. She thought her home was beautiful too. She and Bette had created a beautiful home…together. And she was going to fight to get it back. To get Bette back.


    1. Wow !
      Great chapter!
      It’s hard hearing the truth, but it needs to be said, to come through this.
      I just hope they don’t sit on either end of the couch for too long!
      I’m waiting for them to move closer to each other and I’m waiting for the next chapter
      Thank you

    2. Oh my… I was unable to comment earlier and…this story of yours is…ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!
      I’m hooked, totally and insanely.

      If I have to highlight one thing it would be the dialogues: a-ma-zing! And the involvement of others from the group…so so so fucking cute :)

      Thank you!

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