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    “I’ll make it worth your while when we get back. I promise.”

    “I like the sound of that.”

    “I thought you would. Let’s go.”

    Tina and Bette arrived at Henry’s beach house looking as stunning as ever. Henry was a high-level executive at Alphaville.

    Tina and Bette both chose to wear black. Tina’s dress was sleeveless with a peek-a-boo slit in the back. Bette’s dress had long sleeves and was fitted at the waist. They both had deep v cuts. Tina wasn’t wearing a bra per usual. It should’ve been against the law for a couple to look as gorgeous as they always did. Tonight, they were especially breathtaking. 

    “Tina! You made it,” Henry bellowed across the room.

    “Be nice,” Tina said to Bette under her breath.

    “I’m always…nice,” Bette responded under her breath.

    “Of course, I did, Henry. Do you remember Bette?”

    Bette and Henry had met a few times. Each time Henry put his foot in his mouth or rather Bette put his foot in his mouth for him. 



    Tina gave Bette a look. Bette leaned in and Henry kissed her on the cheek. The night started out okay and then somehow, they got on the topic of lesbian couples having babies. 

    “Let’s say Tina does have a child.”

    Bette looked at Tina. Tina knew Bette’s “nice” period was about to be over.

    “What would you do if one day that child wanted to live with their father?”

    Before Bette could speak, Tina chimed in. 

    “He wouldn’t be the father; he’d be the donor.”

    “And I don’t think that’s going to happen,” Bette said.

    “Sorry. Excuse me. I know you don’t want it to happen but kids have minds of their own. I mean I’m sure your parents would rather you weren’t a lesbian. You know.” Henry laughed.

    “My parents are dead,” Bette said flatly.

    “Bette,” Tina tried. 

    “Look. I’m not a homophobe. You know what I’m saying.”

    Bette cocked her head and folded her arms. She couldn’t wait to hear what Henry was about to say.

    “But…uhh…look. If my son came home and told me he was gay…I mean. I’m sure I would come around to it. Eventually. But, you know, at first there’d be a reaction.”

    Bette looked at Tina. Tina wasn’t sure how Bette was going to respond. Bette had a cunning look about her. Henry kept talking.


    1. Wow !
      Great chapter!
      It’s hard hearing the truth, but it needs to be said, to come through this.
      I just hope they don’t sit on either end of the couch for too long!
      I’m waiting for them to move closer to each other and I’m waiting for the next chapter
      Thank you

    2. Oh my… I was unable to comment earlier and…this story of yours is…ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!
      I’m hooked, totally and insanely.

      If I have to highlight one thing it would be the dialogues: a-ma-zing! And the involvement of others from the group…so so so fucking cute :)

      Thank you!

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