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    S. O. (Esss Ohhh)

    “Kate texted.”

    Tina heard but didn’t register that. Silently, she watched the retreating back of the café owner, Jay, drawn to the side-to-side motion of the brunette’s taut, sexy hips encased in torn jeans that clung to Jay’s body like second skin. Her thoughts drifted to the memory of large brown eyes bewitching hers as they’d chatted about … things Tina couldn’t remember, just now.   She’d been helplessly drawn like a moth to a dangerous flame from that first “hello.” She feared she’d babbled incoherently since then. Damn, what just happened?

    Unaware that Tina’s attention was elsewhere Rachel, Tina’s location scout for the movie they were in Montana to shoot scenes for, read aloud what Kate, one of their favorite directors, texted. “She’s asking whether we have plans for Tuesday night out here in hicksville. She’s got an industry party and her partner abandoned her for a meeting in London. Can we rush back and help her host?”

    Kate had still been ticked-off with Tina about not being selected to direct this film, and Tina had been keeping her distance from Kate ever since. The director’s recent texts had been contrite, however, and Rachel knew Tina was ready to reconcile also. Still – with Tina, business came first, and Rachel knew her boss was hell-bent on getting everything right for this shoot, and wouldn’t want any distractions til the shoot was done.   Rachel started to text a smart-ass response back but paused. I bet Tina can think of a better one. Her texts and tweets are always better than anyone else’s.

    She glanced up from her phone just as Jay happened to swing her head around and flashed them another dazzling smile. She mouthed something to Tina, it seemed like, then smiled again. The woman was dazzling, overall, Rachel thought, smirking, as she thought of Kate. One more reason Kate’s gonna hate us for not picking her for this project. Even now, she could still feel the heat of Jays’ smoldering, effortless sexiness, and could have sworn the brunette had pushed her sexy meter up to “Swelter!” setting just for her and Tina when she’d ushered them to their table.   Was her sex appeal something she could, indeed, turn on and off? Rachel had heard of women who could do that.   She started to say as much to her blonde mentor, finally looking Tina’s way, who’d remained inexplicably quiet.

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    1. So great to have a new chapter, thanks ever so much. Always wonderful to read about their love blossoming, and right now it is on a rampage. Yay!!!!! Tina will get all her stuff together, take care of her children and tell henry to go straight to hades and beyond. He is too much of a d–k to tell her he wants out, just not much of a man, his mother had already told her so. Tina should have listened to her and run like hell. I think he has already found someone to keep him warm at night, whether it is Stockholm or New York. Good riddance to him, he’s not worth piss. She needs Bette in her life for a love that is total and complete and when the children are there they will look like a truly complete family. Can hardly wait for all this to unfold. Thanks again for posting.

      • Speaking of Stockholm, for some reason, I thought you’d appreciate the following one liner from Ken Dodd (RIP):
        “Just read a book about Stockholm Syndrome. It started off badly, but by the end I really liked it…”

        Side-splitting ????

        Not picking on Swedish friends and readers out there, of course.

        Thanks for commenting. Now let me get a pot for H to p*ss in, bec that’s all he deserves, right?

    2. Welcome back skydancer!

      I missed you and your story!

      They met and bonded immediatley, there was a instant connection.

      Henry is a asshole and it wouldn’t surprise me if he is cheating around Tina’s back. Dump him and start a family with Bette.

      It is clear that Lena is history as possible lover, but i do hope she will continue to be a friend for Bette.

      Fantastic update, please don’t let us wait too long for the next chapter!

      • I hadn’t and i doubt about possibility of this.

        That’s why i always be sceptical about IC version friendship between Bette and Alice in TLW and that Alice truly cared about B&T relationship.

    3. Hi Z, yes, it has been a long time. I’ve had the next few chapters in draft, but haven’t had time to finish them. Meanwhile, a few things happened IRL, so life sucked for a while, and I wasn’t writing anything. Then a new story wormed its way into my head, in a way I couldn’t ignore so I’ve been writing that one out. May post that sooner than the next chapter for this one, and I hope you’ll like it.

      Take good care, in the meantime!


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