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    I Will Not Let You Fall

    Sam stared in a state of mild shock as Bette bit off the muffin, washing it down with a sip of coffee, then took a seat on the office couch, crossing her legs.

    ”Here you go,” Tina handed Sam a signed document and gave her a small apologetic smile.

    ”Have a nice evening,” Sam said to Tina, then glanced at Bette before she strode out of the office.

    ”Same to you,” Bette mumbled drily in a belated response and popped the rest of the muffin into her mouth.

    Tina bit her lip to stop herself from smiling as she made her way to the couch. ”You are bad.”

    ”Am I?” the brunette quizzed, pretending to be busy examining the coffee cup in her hands.

    ”You have nothing to be jealous about. Sam and I are just friends,” Tina explained.

    ”I’m sure you are, cupcake.”

    Tina couldn’t help but giggle in amusement. ”Babe, stop it. And give me my coffee,” she said and reached over.

    Bette pulled the cup away from Tina’s reach, brushing Tina’s hand aside. ”Finders keepers, losers weepers,” she declared in all her seriousness. ”Go finish your work, cupcake. Time is money.”

    Shaking her head, Tina stole a kiss from Bette’s rigid lips and went back to her table.


    On their way to the grocery store, Bette kept getting those strange creepy feelings that she was being followed, and she found herself glancing at the side mirror while trying to remain unperturbed in Tina’s eyes and maintain a steady conversation with her.

    As they strolled through the isles, Bette pushed the cart slowly while Tina put cartons and food into it, consulting Bette along the way. In a kind of an absentminded manner the brunette listened and agreed with whatever Tina suggested. She wasn’t feeling very well in her stomach as if nerves were knotting it, so all she wanted to do was to go home with Tina as soon as possible. Letting go of the cart, Bette ran her hands over her jeans to get rid of the sticky sweat.

    Tina put cheese and butter into the cart and looked up at Bette. ”Babe, you okay?”

    ”Yeah, why?” Bette said quickly, resuming her hold of the cart.

    ”I don’t know, you look a little distracted.”


    1. Hi Valerie:

      Thanks for this long waiting chapter, a wonderful one. I love Tina, how patient she is with Bette, how understanding, of course, she can see how distressful is her girlfriend.

      I’m very worried about Bette, she is very fragile, all her fairs and mistakes, of course, she is traumatized with all her past and her wrong choices.

      I don’t think it is in Bette’s mind, I believe someone is following her, who may be: Tina’s ex or Tina’s family; the gang for which Bette worked before; the drug cartel; the crazy PO; Helena, her own father Melvin. Bette had so many foes, but I’m also worried as Bette is for that SUB.

      I like that Tasha and Bette are friends again, Bette needs many friends now. Good that Shane is okay, I hope she is out of troubles now.

      I don’t like Tina’s sister at all. And I don’t like the PO either. I wish that time passes fast and Bette would soon be totally free.

      Thank you very much for this wonderful chapter, I will be eagerly waiting for the next one.


    2. Hi! Thanks for the chapter!

      A few thought:

      1) Now we know what wrong with Karen – she just a jealouse spoiled brat.

      2) I don’t think Bette owe Tasha apollogy at all – in the past they both doing their job, it’s not Bette’s fault that Tasha was too incompetent and allowed Bette to escape. And not forget – Bette saved her life.

      3) I hope Bette in next chapter will tell Tina about black SUV.

      Waiting for the next!

    3. Hi Valerie,

      So glad to read a update from you!!!! You stayed away for a long time!

      I am very happy that Tina is so caring and understanding to Bette, she takes charges and won’t back away. They have a good relationship, stronger than ever.

      About Tasha, they both made mistakes and payed dearly for it, they both apologized and i hope they will develop a friendship. I think Tasha is the one who will help Bette again in the future.

      I am worried about Bette, she is fragile and deeply traumatized from her past and i think she isn’t paranoia about the SUV following her, it could be everyone. She must let Tina in about everything. About the SUV and Nicole, the PO, etc.

      Karen is a ass first class and will try to destroy Bette’s and Tina’s relationship, but they are so much stronger and Tina will not let that happen, she will fight for Bette.

      Shane is allright, that must be a relief for Bette, maybe she is at the same place as Kit and i hope they will reunite in the future again and can live her life without angst and fear and really start over.

      Truly amazing chapter!!!

      • Agree with all your comments

        I think Tina has learned a lot from their previous relationship and not making the same mistake As before, now she is more understanding, more caring, more loving, less selfish, less demanding, she really want to work on her relationship with Bette. It shows how mature she has become..

        And Karen..still believing my previous statement..i think she like Bette, and she was jealous of her own sister, for having Bette’s love after all this time.

        The black SUV, i think most probably is her old criminal boss or Tina’s dad, i don’t think as a surgery, Brenda would have a lot of time following bette around..(but who knows…if she decided taking revenge to bette as first priority…hahahaha)

        Anyway, thank you for the chapter Valerie, hope you’ll give the next one a little bit faster..cos everyone is waiting for

    4. Forgot to add – i really don’t understand Kit. Your sister bought you new life, give you her house – and you not trying to speak with her more than 10 years? You even don’t know if she live or not. What the sister are you?

    5. Hi,
      Thanks so much for coming back with this Story.
      Really enjoyed it as instructed.
      Agree with all the comments in fact enjoy reading them as they add to the pleasure on reading your Story.
      Please post again soon

    6. I feel Bette will tell Tina.. she loves her and trusts her. She has to say something shes going to go crazy. Yeah Sam has a thang for our Blonde, Tina just doesnt see it. I believe Bette needs a better job. Lol.

      Glad Tasha and Bette spoke and cleared the air. Thank you, waiting on next chapter.

    7. Only catch up all this story – thank you!

      I must say it’s very good and interesting. Bette needs to tell Tina what bother her.

      Waiting for the new update than!

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