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    L-topia Part 2

    Bette “They said they were slammed with work from other places.”

    Tina “And did you remind them how important you and the CAC are?”

    Bette smirks.

    Bette “I don’t think I have to now.”

    Both smile as they take their respective plates and seats.

    Tina ”Oh, Ms. Porter did you go Full Bette on someone?”

    Bette ”Almost.  I think they’re learning not to let things go that far. Plus, we got a discount out of it.”

    Tina ”This is why they placed you in charge.”

    Both share a brief laugh as they begin eating, making conversation in between the digesting.

    Bette “Did Shane’s roommate show up?”

    Tina “Yeah, I saw a brown car parked next door while I was jogging.”

    Bette’s mind then races back a few moments, reminding her of an image from before she exited her own car.

    Bette “The Pontiac. I didn’t know if that was her or one of Shane’s clients or hookups.”

    Tina “Clients or hookups? I’m starting to wonder if there’s much of a difference for some of them.”

    Both grin, knowing of their friend’s sexual exploits.

    Bette “She said her roommate was a writer. She might give her plenty to write about.”

    Tina gives a slight laugh while Bette grins, shaking her head.

    Tina “Shane is certainly not boring.”

    Bette “I know.  How about us though? Are we?”

    Tina “Us? Boring?”

    Tina takes a bite of her food and ponders.

    Tina “That’s a good question. I don’t know, we might be. But we make up for it with exciting friends.”

    Bette “Yes we do. Is everybody meeting up at the Planet later?”

    Tina “I think so, except Dana.”

    Bette “Oh, that’s right she’s got that tournament in Memphis. I hope she’s over Melbourne.”

    Tina “I hope she is, too. She had high hopes for that tournament. She’ll bounce back.”

    Bette “She needs to. I think all this talk about trying to get a new sponsor is getting to her. Fila is only paying her so much.”

    Tina “I don’t get that. You’d think it wouldn’t be so much of a challenge. She’s still ranked pretty high, isn’t she?”

    Bette “She’s Top 25. Too many sponsors are still afraid of the so-called moral lobby when it comes to Dana.”

    Bette shakes her head in disgust and Tina nods in agreement.

    Tina “That’s fucked up. I mean it’s Two-Thousand-Four now.”

    Bette shrugs as she takes another bite. This is lunchtime in West Hollywood.

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