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    L-topia Part 2

    At Bette and Tina’s home, Tina is finishing up on a script rewrite. She used to work at the studio, but has made an office for herself at home and is able to get her work done, still taking the occasional cab to Shaolin when necessary. Next door, Jenny is setting up what is to be her home and studio. Shane has mentioned the possibility of looking for another roommate to further help with the monthly rent. For now though, the hairdresser on call is off to an appointment with a client.

    Tina meanwhile makes a phone call. On the other end, the call is answered after a pair of rings.

    Lisa “Shaolin, this is Lisa speaking.”

    Tina “Lisa, hey. Tell them to check their email, it’s done. Anything they need to add or subtract is up to them now.”

    Lisa “Okay, Tina will do. Hey, how’s Shane’s new roommate?”

    Tina “I don’t know, I haven’t had a chance to introduce myself yet.”

    Tina hears the front door being opened up.

    Tina “Anyway, Bette’s here. You gonna swing by the Planet later?”

    Lisa “Yeah, I can go there after work. Speaking of which…”

    Tina “I gotta go, too. ’Bye.”

    Lisa “’Bye.”

    They both hang up at their respective ends. For Lisa, lunch is coming soon and it will be food that she brought with her from the Planet that is currently taking up space in a refrigerator in the rec room. For Tina, there is almost a sense of panic. Bette is home and there is no food prepared. She hurries out of her office room, just across the hall from the bedroom and sees Bette in the living room carrying a white paper bag.

    Bette “I had a feeling you might be busy with the rewrite.”

    Tina “Oh my god, Bette thank you. I’m sorry for not having anything ready.”

    Bette smiles.

    Bette “It’s fine. I can usually tell when you’re going to have one of your busier mornings.”

    Inside the bag is a carryout order from a restaurant that is part of the commute path between home and the CAC. They greet one another with a kiss as Tina notices it.

    Tina “Mexican, nice. Were you able to get up with Adam?”

    Placing the bag on the dining table and opening it up, Bette nods.

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