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    Love’s Recovery

    Chapter 21


    Alice sat crossed-legged on the ground playing Legos with Angelica while Tina poured Shane, Alice and herself another glass of wine.


    “Not that I’m complaining,” Alice began as she sipped on the white beverage before putting the glass on the coffee table, “but remind me why you invited Shane and I here again for dinner?”


    “Because I had to cook the chicken before it went bad and Bette wasn’t going to be here to help eat it since she’s having dinner with Kit and Maxine.”


    “You couldn’t just cook it and reheat it? Or is Porter still a left-over hater?”


    “Well I, for one, am eternally grateful anytime you want to cook for me including left-overs. It smells amazing Tina.” Shane stretched her legs in front of her as she leaned back into the couch.


    “It’s so odd to me now to put a face to the name when Bette used to talk about Maxine cooking. She said once that she hated left-overs because it’s all Maxine would ever serve. Yet the original fresh dish was never to be found.”


    Alice laughed as she pushed her Lego car toward Shane’s feet and it rolled across the wood floor.


    “My god the talent I have…” Alice pretended to be hurt when Shane pushed the car back to her with her leather boot.


    “Well hopefully Maxine’s cooking her a better meal tonight and not ruining the only chance she has to make amends with her daughter. We all know that Mrs. Doubtfire lit her boobs on fire.”


    “She cooked for Angie and I before this entire thing blew up and I can assure you that she’s an amazing cook. I am sure that Bette will be just fine from that standpoint, it’s the emotionally stress that has me worried.”


    “Why weren’t you invited?” Shane asked.


    “I’m sure both Angie and I would have been welcomed,” Tina said leaning back on the couch beside Shane. “Bette came home from The Planet after talking to both Kit and Maxine ranting about ‘changing the narrative’ and ‘being in control’ which meant no Angie and Tina until Bette decides.”


    “Are you ok with that? Her taking your decision about M-A-X-I-E away from you?” Alice asked as she started another masterpiece of Legos with Angie.

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    1. Bette and Maxine have to discuss what happened to cause Maxine to make the choices she made. They can either discuss their history or their current status. Bette is making any communication impossible. Bette needs to shelve her anger and allow Maxine to tell her story. Then she can make a judgement as to if she wants a relationship or not. It is understandable that she is angry based upon what she knows. But she has agreed to give Maxine a chance. Now just do what you agreed to do, Bette!

      Good story…keep them coming.

    2. I am sorry ladies but i don’t agree with you.

      I fully understand that Bette is angry with Maxine. She comes home from a work trip and suddenly there is Maxine, who has stubbornly squeezed herself into Bette’s family and friends, and Bette must suddenly give her a chance?

      Bette should be given the opportunity to think carefully first, she is now more or less forced to talk to Maxine and give her a chance to tell her story.

      Let Bette decide whether she wants to give Maxine a chance and not feel compelled by her friends, Tina, Kit and Maxine just because they think Bette should give Maxine that chance.

      Great story Gumby and don’t you dare to wait another ten years to update ????????

    3. Thank you for the story!

      Ok, so i think this Bette is still self-absorbed Bette who think first only about herself. If she don’t want to have any deal with her mother – it’s her choice, but i think she don’t have a right demanding that Tina and Angie don’t have a deal with Maxine too.

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