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    Never Say Never – Chapter 1 ((Rewrite))

    And don’t forget the chocolate scones

    And my brownie !

    Tina rolled her eyes with a smile at her best friend and her roommate, typing their orders into the notes section on her cell phone. She stood on the busy line of the campus coffee shop after having lost a game of Rock Paper Scissors. It was the mature, college student way to settle any disagreement .. and to decide who was going to make a much needed caffeine run.

    ”Is that all?” She asked teasingly as she spoke into the microphone on her headphones, too busy typing the last of the orders to notice that the line had moved up a bit.

    Yup, thanks again Tina. You’re the best

    ”Yeah, yeah” Tina smiled as she looked up to see that a girl had cut in front of her in line. It annoyed her to no end, the line was long enough as is. She was in no mood to deal with someone who thought they could just walk into the shop and cut the entire line. ”I gotta go. See you guys in a bit”

    She ended the call and removed her earphones, bunching them up in one hand as she tapped the line jumper’s shoulder with the other.

    ”Excuse me, I was behind that guy”

    The girl turned around and Tina’s breath caught in her throat. The girl was beautiful with crystal blue eyes and the sexiest smile. Tina hadn’t known what she expected the girl to look like but it certainly wasn’t what she saw before her.

    ”Sorry” The girl apologized with a look that could only melt Tina in her place, ”I didn’t see you moving up so I just assumed you weren’t waiting”

    ”It’s okay” Tina replied a little too quickly for her own taste, ”I didn’t mean to sound rude if I did. I’ve just been on this line for a long time and-”

    ”Say no more” The girl smiled again as she swiped her blonde bangs away from her face, ”I completely understand how crazy it can get in here. I’ll just ..”

    She trailed off as she looked behind Tina towards the end of the line, frowning at how far back it went. Just as she was about to walk away, Tina grabbed her wrist.

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