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    Never Say Never – Chapter 1 ((Rewrite))

    ”Don’t worry about it. You can go in front of me”

    The girl looked at her surprised, ”You sure?”

    Tina nodded with a smile melting further at the sight of a shy smile.

    ”Thanks” The girl tucked a strand of hair behind her ear as she moved into the line in front of Tina. She turned around after a moment’s thought and held a hand to her chest, ”I’m Brenda”

    ”Tina” The blonde replied, fighting the urge to let her eyes roam down Brenda’s body.

    For most of her teenage life, Tina had felt an attraction towards women. She ignored her feelings during her high school years, figuring it was just a phase but eventually embraced them once she started college. At times she questioned her sexuality but the way she was currently feeling around Brenda had only confirmed everything she had ever thought about herself.

    ”Are you from around here?” Brenda asked, genuinely interested as she walked backwards in line. She glanced over her shoulder to ensure she wouldn’t bump into the guy behind her.

    ”Yeah, actually. I go to UCLA”

    Brenda nodded with a smile and crossed her arms over her chest, ”Beauty and brains”

    She turned around to place her order just in time to miss the blush that had spread across Tina’s cheeks and turned back around just as it faded somewhat.

    She stood by the pickup window to give Tina the space she needed to place her own order, smiling at the blonde once she had finished.

    The conversation was light and playful between them as they waited for their orders to be ready and Tina found herself unable to shake the giddiness she felt inside.

    It saddened her when Brenda was handed her drinks, knowing that their time together was over. She had wanted to ask to see the blonde again but feeling much too nervous to do so. She had never asked a girl out before and despite their easygoing conversation, Tina was unsure as to whether or not Brenda was even a lesbian.

    Just as she worked up some sort of courage to say something, Brenda’s phone rang and the blonde smiled apologetically as she took that as her cue to leave.

    ”I should get going but it was nice talking to you and thanks for you know, letting me cut you in line”


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