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    Never Say Never – Chapter 1 ((Rewrite))

    Tina shrugged and forced a smile of her own despite her disappointment, ”It was nice talking to you too”

    Brenda waved just before answering her phone and turning to leave the coffee shop.

    ”Hey … No, it’s down the block from there. It’s called The Planet. We’re all going on Saturday ..”

    Tina’s mood instantly brightened as she shamelessly listened to Brenda’s conversation before she walked out of earshot. The Planet was a bar that was owned by a sister of a friend of Tina’s. Granted, she barely knew the sister and she wasn’t so close with the friend these days but Tina wouldn’t let that affect her plans. She was determined to see Brenda again.

    Filled with excitement, Tina grabbed the brown paper bags filled with her finished orders and walked out of the coffee shop as she dialed her sister’s phone number. Though she had never actually been to The Planet before, Tina was more than familiar with the bar. Her older sister was a locally known, up and coming rockstar who often performed at The Planet with her band. The blonde felt a wave of guilt pass through her with each unanswered ring that filled her ears, knowing that her sister will not be too fond of her reasons for wanting to go to The Planet for the first time. With a silent promise to make up for all her lost time with her sister, Tina found herself feeling slightly better.

    She made her way back towards her dorm room as yet another ring echoed in her ear. She sighed with her growing impatience and silent willed her sister to answer the phone.


    ”Shit” Alice mumbled, the barely audible word almost causing her to drop the phone she currently held between her teeth. Luckily it fell onto the purse she had balanced on a bended knee, saving the delicate screen from shattering.

    Propping her knee up against the front door to her house to better balance the purse, Alice fished inside the open bag for her phone in time to answer it.

    ”Buenos Dias!” She said through a cheery tone and tucked the phone in her cleavage, the speaker setting on her device giving her the ability to freely search through her purse again.


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