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    Private Duty—Chapter 1

    Bette pulled in front of the residence and parked. Looking down at her paperwork she verified that she was at the right address and shut the engine off . She quickly gathered the file folder sitting in the passenger seat, grabbed her purse and got out of the car the agency she works for gave her to travel in. She opened the trunk via the remote on her key chain and grabbed her suitcase and bag that contained her supplies.

    After closing the trunk she looked around at the scenery and it struck her to be a very peaceful serene neighborhood and she would call the house she was about to enter home until her services were no longer required.

    Bette approached the door and pushed the doorbell. She took a step back and the door opened to reveal a beautiful blonde looking relieved to see her.

    ”Hi. I’m Bette Porter. I was sent by the agency”

    ”Yes. I’m so glad you are here. I’ve been waiting on you to arrive. I’m Tina Kennard. Come in. Can I help you with your bags?” Tina offered

    ”No Thanks, I got it.” Bette answered and smiled as she entered the house.

    Tina closed the door and walked ahead of Bette glancing over her shoulder

    ”Follow me. I’ll show you where your room will be”

    Bette followed Tina up the stairs as she led her to a room at the end of the hallway.

    ”This room is smaller than the other guest room but it’s closer to my mother’s room and it also has a private bath. You won’t have to walk very far to gain access to her” Tina said as Bette looked around the room setting her suitcase on the bed.

    ”Thanks. This is nice” Bette answered opening her supply bag, getting out her stethoscope, and throwing it around her neck.

    ”Everything you will need is in the room with my mother and if there is anything you need or that you see my mother needs please let me know. I want her to be as comfortable as possible” Tina said.

    ”Thanks. I will. I promise you that Mrs. Kennard will be in good hands. I’ve been in nursing for ten years and have been a live in nurse for eight of those years. I hope I can ease your mind that when you walk out the front door you will feel that your mother is receiving excellent care” Bette reassured.

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    1. This is a good beginning…. but please do not abandon your other story….. I so want to see what happens to Bette and Tina in that one as well as this one…..

      I am going to have to start taking notes on all the stories that are in progress… I love reading them all, but I get somewhat frustrated when they suddenly end with no ending…. I get particularly frustrated when the story goes on for many months and chapters and then suddenly just stops – then years go by and nothing. And then suddenly the author will start to write again and starts one or two or three stories with no mention of the saga which I have been waiting for for months perhaps years. And the strange thing is that the stories are good and seem to be so close to completion. Another couple of chapters maybe????

      • Totally understand your frustration Martha!…If you are referring to Stolen Hearts it only has one chapter remaining for that book. I should post it soon. I have not decided to do a sequel. It would depend on demand. As far as Soul Dancing that one is far from over. This one however I have been writing on and it’s almost finished. It could warrant a sequel..but again.. that would be up to you the readers

        Thank you for the comment!

    2. Gr8 story. Sometimes forgiving ones’ self is a monumental task. Breaking patterns of self-hatred take more than a little bit internal tenacity. Tina will ultimately have to let Bette help her through the guilt and pain. And even Theresa will have to let Bette show her kindness.

      Looking forward to more chapters!

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