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    Only Ever You – Chapter 1

    The redhead started to laugh, the sound catching in her throat the moment Bette took her earlobe between her teeth.

    “Did they really have an affair?” She asked breathlessly as Bette tossed the jacket aside, looking into the mirror in front of her to watch as the brunette hungrily gazed at her naked back.

    The dark blue dress had been a new edition to the redhead’s closet, one she had bought specifically for Bette’s event.

    The wide V design in the back completely exposed her tanned flesh, coming to a point right above her tailbone to expose the most delectable pair of indentions. It was one of Bette’s favorite parts of her, making the dress a must buy.

    “That’s the rumor” Bette husked with a smirk as she lightly trailed a finger down the toned back, hooking it in the V of the dress as she playfully tugged the fabric down a bit lower. “They ended up running away together but there are other rumors that suggest it was to escape Amanda Lyn’s abusive husband”

    “What do you think?” The redhead bit her lip, her voice nothing more than a whisper. Having Bette in such close proximity left her entire body sensitized, her mind like a whirlwind. She was losing herself in the moment, an effect of the beautiful brunette behind her. A trickle of wetness escaped her, the warmth she felt as it slowly trailed down her leg caused her cheeks to heat in a blush.

    She watched in the mirror as Bette dropped to her knees, her grip on the table tightened as she anxiously awaited the brunette’s next move.

    “That they ran away together ..” Bette husked, the smirk evident in her tone. She was more in control than ever, feeding off the way the redhead’s body responded to her every move. She spoke in a low possessive tone, her lips tickling the soft flesh of her lover’s back. “.. and had the hottest fucking love affair in history”

    “Christ” The redhead threw her head back and gasped as she felt Bette’s hot tongue on her back, skillfully swirling around her intentions. Her body was immediately covered in goosebumps, her eyes rolling back as Bette paid homage to her needy flesh. She sucked in a breath as the brunette eagerly pushed up her dress.


    1. Zhenya says

      So, Bette – model, really? And Tina – single or with someone, like Brenda?

      I know it’s probably too early, but i have a suggestion how we can get rid from Emma. Maybe Emma London go to the London?)

      Waiting for the next part and what road you give for B&T. By the way – start this story something similar for you story “Sole mates” but in reverse. Bette (Tina) going to home town where lives her ex-girfriend Tina (Bette)

    2. Bibi28 says

      Hi Liah,

      Hmm, i have to be a litlle patient before you reveal what happened between Bette & Tina Seven years back, ok but you know i am not a very good at waiting 😉

      Glad that Bette stayed in contact with her friends all these years.

      So Emma is the first ” relationship” after Tina, she will have to prepare to say goodbye after Bette will meet Tina at her sisters bar, no way that theirs relationship will develop in more.

      Tina, working for Kit or is she co-owner with Kit? And what happened with her the last Seven years?

      Ok, i know, i am asking to much questions and have to be patient.

      I hope all is going well in your life Liah.

      Looking forward to the next chapter!!!

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